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Lets know About Who is This Ataur Shusmoy;

Ataur Shusmoy is a social media activist and writer who has gained a large following on Facebook. He was born in Bangladesh and grew up in a small town where he developed a love for writing from a young age. His interest in social issues and politics also began early in his life.

After completing his education, Ataur Shusmoy began working as a journalist for a local newspaper. However, he soon realized that he wanted to reach a wider audience and decided to start writing on Facebook. He created his Facebook account and began posting his thoughts on various social and political issues.

Ataur Shusmoy quickly gained a following on Facebook, with thousands of people liking and commenting on his posts. He became known for his insightful commentary on current events and his ability to write about complex issues in a way that was easy to understand.

As his following grew, Ataur Shusmoy began to use his platform to raise awareness about various social issues. He has written extensively about topics such as gender equality, human rights, and political corruption. He has also used his platform to support various causes and organizations.

Ataur Shusmoy’s writing has had a significant impact on his followers. Many people have credited him with helping them to think critically about important issues and inspiring them to take action in their own communities. His Facebook page has become a space for people to engage in meaningful discussions and share their own thoughts and experiences.

Today, Ataur Shusmoy is one of the most popular writers on Facebook, with over 65 thousand followers. He continues to write about important social and political issues and has become a respected voice in his community.


I’m Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy, popular young
Entrepreneur, musician, Influencer of
Bangladesh. I’ve already published some
music on popular music streaming sites
including Spotify, Amazin prime music and
Apple Music, Youtube music. I’m verified
artist of those music streaming sites.My
google knowledge panel is Already verified
Besides, I’m a young entrepreneur, social
activist and content creator.Specially
people follow me as a Social activist &
writer i’ve already published my first Book
‘Back to islam’ on online book streaming
site Google book . I’Il launch more new
music video in future.


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