Karan Malik, a 21 year old on the way to Success

Karan Malik, a 21-year old freshman, dwells in Hyderabad. Karan is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administrator, besides he works efficiently on the things he is interested in.

Apart from all this, he’s a social media influencer, a digital marketer and has collaborated with companies like “Gamezop (top gaming website in India), Rusk media and Kavya films” and Artists like “Aditya Narayan, Vishal Mishra”. He currently working as a marketing manager in company named as Social Matte. He’s a type of person who believes more in smart work then hard-work, all of his life till date, he has enjoyed it to the fullest. He’s always kind to everyone.

He was also fond of creating a world where, things are beyond perfect so he weaves those theories into words and makes them alive, although he’s a published writer too, along with it he has a carefree attitude, and he likes to observe everything around him before making a decision or taking a step. He finds music more interesting than people, books more interesting than theories and new things over repetitive common ideas.

Like his name, he believes in proving himself through his work not through blabbering like others. He’s a man of few words, with a mind full of brilliant ideas, zero fucks to others opinion about him. With not so big dreams in his eyes, keeping his feet stick to the earth, he wants to achieve all the dreams, he ever dreamt of. Till date, whatever he has dreamt of, he has achieved with all his hard work, smart work, patience, consistency, his love towards his dreams.

He believes in a saying, “In order to succeed, he has to believe every night in his head that he’s the best”.

He’s a foodie, who loves to try a new food item every time. Always up to learn new things, hungry for gaining knowledge, whatever he has done in his life, he has done it with wholeheartedly. Whether it be studies or anything, he never cheated himself over this and on someday, you’ll find him by typing his name on Google “Karan Malik”


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