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Joyous Jaya Rauniyar – First Year Journey In Writing Field

This is Joyous Jaya Rauniyar recently in Kathmandu, Nepal who put down her emotions, thoughts and experiences by landing it on paper through inking and considering where you are reading this makes a meaningful sense.
The journey about her life & learning, right from the beginning in writing field have already been published in two other media features (Ak group media & Daily hunt) including moncheri fashion feature as well.
You can do google for it typing name ‘Joyous Jaya Rauniyar’.

She always added this journey would never took place if she was not supported with some friends and family members in real. She also adds right from the day she joined this field of writing there were different people who have been in touch. Some left, some are still the part and each day she get in contact with different one or more people ; some who love reading her, some who appreciates and corrects her and some who wants to improve her way of reading & writing.In the initial days she was in one of the Writing community just as participant but slowly her dedication, vision and efforts towards her way of writing and improving day by day , she got so many opportunities not only just as normal part but also as core members and official posts in different writing communities, publications and other professional parts.

She adds being part of UmeeCorn Gems Writing Community was the most beautiful part of her life at that moment which not only nourished her but she was introduced with so many different people, parts and phases of writing and being introduced in the world of writing.
Now she is CO-FOUNDER of the same & super proud of herself.

She was then taken as core member by Jazbaton ki Syahi Writing Community which was the second most great part of her learning. Being in the post of brand ambassador, she not only discovered new possibilities for her but with so co-operative core members of team, she learned lots of techniques and knowledge in different parts also some of the great personal and professional experiences.
Being Brand Ambassador of TPL Foundation & Safar-E-Jajbat was also so good part for her in process of learning & growing.She was working unstoppable despite thinking towards any of her life parts in personal .
Somewhere in her she feels like she is meant to do something, bring some change in world which can never be possible without the true efforts by her in right direction.
She says i was like an offspring in field of writing but the way i was taken care, loved and supported by people is the reason i am looking thousands new opportunities in my life, both in personal and professional way.
She is blessed to get in contact with Anu papanai & Sanjay Naik for the first to let her
introduce in this field.Along with this, she adds there is set of 50 people she feels she is blessed beyond measure with them who not only gives her new way of improving but also helps her whenever required.
Among all, there are some people who are with her from beginning and she is forever thankful of them for being by her side despite her faults/errors or confusions as they think it in the same way that she have different spark and is really proud of her.
Though she belongs to Nepal, she is improving each day in hindi language better than normal people really prefer for.She added, dearest :
Meetu Thaploo , Sanya Tikarya, Toshiv Shrivastava, Arti Bakshi ‘Aaroo’, Seemen Nayeem Siddiqui, Ritik Tiwari,Babita Sagar, Dikshita Singh, Zaira Tahrim Ashraf, Ekta Mishra,Shivani Udeniya ‘shann’, Muskan Verma, Prachi Verma, Smriti Trivedy, Minakshi Mishra,Kabir Yash, Rajni Shrivastava, Prachi Sharma,Preeti H pd, Amarjeet Singh, Priyanshu Sharma, Sameer Bhatia, Rashmi Joshi, Shivangi, Neel Suryavanshi, Noel Lorenz, Anita Maurya, Faizan Rudra,Sanjay Nirala,Deepti Chandar, Punnet Kaur, Ashwini Chaubey, Chaitanya Shrivastava, Trishna, Arvind kabirpanthi, Rickie Bhatt, Prateek Bhatnagar and all others.Thank you everyone for your constant support and always helping me grow, blessed with the best of the best people.Also, Poetry Org.,Life world Community publication, Noel Lorenz house of fiction , AB FASHION STORE, Kasak A Story, JEC publication and all others i can’t name, thank you for helping me reach heights and keep supporting.Recently she is just part of UmeeCorn Gems Writing Community, काव्यांश साहित्यिक समूह, Poet’s Nation (Talent Platform) & Writer’s Vlog Writing Community only because she is looking towards to focus more in her career including writing. She felt like being part of core team was somewhere stopping her to grow and work on herself so she just had a better choice but she is always ready to help each individual whenever required or whoever reach her in the best way she can.

She is working in some of her books which will soon be published and promoted in better way because she wants these stories to reach huge bulk of people who most look over and then only these stories moral can help world to grow and be better place to live for us.
She already have vision of publishing 100 solo books before she dies because that’s the way she is looking forward to bring change through writing.
Writing is her love which can never fade away.चलो, मन के जज़्बात कोरे कागज़ पे उतारे…

Reaching on instagram id : @jaya_uncaptured will be better for any sort of help or queries else Google.

Joyous Jaya Rauniyar ||Poetess|| Editor || (@jaya_uncaptured) • Instagram photos and videos



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