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India’s Best Corporate Anchor for Live Events – Ankit Shaw

The Most Energetic Ankit shaw “One Man many Shades” that’s how we know him. Instilling Energy and being an Impeccable Performer and crowd puller Ankit Shaw defied all Odds and became the top name for Live Corporate Events.
He’s a magician on stage as he can twist and mold himself in almost all Avatar.

Ankit modulates his voice, looks into pitching, and brings the Best content for Corporate Events. He talks and motivates the audience and with his charismatic and unique style. Recently during the Pandemic Covid19 and pandemic phase, Ankit shaw hosted some of the most Prestigious Corporate Events. He worked for the Ministry of Excellence, Government of West Bengal, cabinet ministers, and members of Rajya Sabha.

In his recent interview, he said “Corporate events are all about Research and Delivery. The anchor should know the Essence of Presenting for Govt. Of India. We as Anchors have the pressure of being Accurate – No extra / less the content should flow smoothly and meet the deadline. in fact, team-building exercises are planned according to the Corporate Brand and Clients (what suits them) eventually the audience is the same but what goes in the events are looked after. Corporate Shows are the most Professional and content-based events even how an Emcee Stand, speak, the present is noticed closely. One mistake and the game is over, so every Inch, length, and breadth are measured while spoken on stage. ”

This young Male Emcee who’s his Audience better and knows how to be professional on stage and Backstage too. ” I’m a Hugely professional towards my job I know it better than anyone in the business when I’m on stage. I Dress accordingly, even my hair and makeover needs to be on point it gives me confidence.
Before all Events, I secretly go to the washroom at the venue just 30 minutes before my Show starts I toss my hair look into the mirror and say “I’m the best” I smile a little and come out more Confident”

Ankit shaw also hosted the Corporate Red Carpet of Bhojpuri Cinema stage and screen awards 2019 at Netaji indoor stadium Kolkata where Bhojpuri Film actors were present. Ankit hosted for the corporate brands and sponsors who talked in length about the brand and company and their motive. With fun rapid-fire games and a witty personality, Ankit Shaw Presented the Bhojpuri Awards.
If we talk about Corporate events and most stylish Ankit shaw stands on top of the list.

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