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How to Maintain a Healthy Sex Life With Obesity

Maintaining a healthy sex life with obesity poses a challenging situation. Obesity in itself could dampen your life, and sexual intimacy is a part of it. We are here to learn about the impact of obesity on sex life and the ways we can opt to maintain a healthy sex life in this situation. You would also get to know the right time to visit a sexologist clinic.

Obesity and Sex life

Obesity is a health hazard and is considered a chronic disease. It is when a person weighs more than the suggestive weight according to Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity can affect your health in multiple ways. Besides making you lazy, it can cause other serious issues. Obesity is directly linked with heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Cardiovascular problems can affect the blood vessels and restrict blood flow. High blood sugar can cause neural damage and sabotages blood circulation. It can even cause insulin resistance which further complicates the problem. These conditions can directly cause sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction. Restricted blood supply will hamper firm erections that will affect your sex life.

Obesity can also cause a hormonal balance and affect your sex drive. Low level of testosterone is a common issue in obese men. The lower level of testosterone and increased estrogen levels lead to enlarged breasts and lower sex drive in men.

Obesity will also impact your mental health. It can make you underconfident and cause poor body image. When you start thinking less about yourself, it might get hard to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. If you cannot understand the changes in your body and feel helpless, you should consult a sexologist clinic nearby.


You should not feel defeated, and you can still take control of your life in your hands. Start today and weigh yourself. Understand the ideal weight for your height and age and compare yours with the limit. Promise yourself a better tomorrow and start giving it your 100%. It might be overwhelming for a person, and it is okay to be confused while finding ways to lose weight. The internet is full of fad diets and supplements that promise overnight results. The idea is not to fall prey to these scams and do it right away. 

Begin by making dietary changes. Take the help of a nutritionist if required to understand nutrition and the right food sources. It is about calorie deficit, and you have magnificent apps that can help you understand calorie counts in a variety of foods. Make sure you add a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, eggs, and whole foods to your diet. Stop the consumption of any fried foods and packaged foods. If you are habitual of ordering lunch at your office, change the habit, and get the tiffin from your home in advance. Plan your meals in advance if you do not have a lot of free time. You can do cooking in batches and plan ahead for the coming week. It will help you pick up groceries at once and will save a lot of time. Once you have precooked meals, it will be harder for you to pick food from outside.

Regular Exercise

If you cannot make a decision about what you should include in your diet and starvation is all you know, you can take the help of a dietician to get started. Another thing that is nonnegotiable is including regular exercise in your routine. A brisk walk for 40 minutes can make positive changes and help men fight obesity and, later on, erectile dysfunction. You can also practice yoga poses as they can help improve flexibility and circulation. There are several youtube videos that can help you or you can even join yoga classes nearby. 

Some men are extremely frustrated as they have been trying to lose weight but cannot make any progress. You have to believe in yourself and keep going. If you hit a dead end, it is better to take the help of an expert and consult a sexologist clinic. If obesity is your major issue the sexologist can help you fight obesity and guide you to the best ways to do the same.

Bottom Line

You have to accept yourself and be confident in your skin while making sincere efforts to get into shape. Everybody is different and you have to love yourself for what you are. Obesity can increase the risk of various health conditions, including sexual problems. Therefore, it needs to be addressed but not at the cost of mental sanity.


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