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Abirapro 500mg Uses, Composition, Mode of Action, Side Effects, Substitutes

Abirapro 500mg is an effective medicine for the treatment of inoperable metastatic tumors of the prostate. As a procedure, it is used as part of complex therapy with prednisolone. It has proven clinical efficacy and positive treatment results. It is a complete substitute (generic) for the branded medicine Zytiga.

Chemical Composition and Manufacturer of Abirapro Tablet

Abirapro tablet is available in the form of tablets for oral administration. The composition contains the active substance Abiraterone acetate with a strength of 500 mg. A pharmacological company Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of this anti-cancer medicine.

Indications of Abirapro 500mg

Abirapro is used to treat Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) in combination with prednisone. It is prescribed to patients in cases where the tumor is inoperable due to the ineffectiveness of the previous chemotherapeutic effect on tumor cells or other treatment.

Mode of Action of Abirapro 500mg

It suppresses the production of androgens and thereby has an overwhelming effect on the growth of tumor cells and stops the further spread of tumor cells.

Possible Side Effects of Abirapro

The medicine should be prescribed by a doctor after a complete examination of the patient. Self-medication can cause side effects that threaten not only the health but also the life of the patient.

Some of the side effects of Abirapro that may occur like – arterial hypertension, dizziness, headaches, secondary urinary tract infections, hematuria, peripheral edema, asthenia, sleep dysfunction, dyspepsia, phenomena of general intoxication, fractures, skin rashes, sleep dysfunction, asthenia, individual hypersensitivity reactions, etc.

Contraindications to the Use of Abirapro Tablet

There are a number of absolute and relative indications for the use of Abirapro, the most significant of which are:

  • individual intolerance to the active ingredient of the Abirapro 500mg tablet (Abiraterone Acetate),
    the patient’s age is up to 18 years,
  • other forms of oncopathology,
  • severe functional disorders in the liver,
  • renal failure,
  • arterial hypertension,

If there are any contraindications, it is necessary to inform the leading healthcare professional about them. Tell your doctor if you are taking medicines or dietary supplements.

Accessibility and Price of Abirapro 500mg

Medicine can be accessed and purchased completely only with a doctor’s prescription. The cost of medicine can be viewed online at a trusted medical store.

Substitutes of Abirapro 500mg

  • Bdron 500 Mg Tablet
  • Xbira 500 Mg Tablet
  • Zelgor 500 Mg Tablet
  • Abirapro 500 Mg Tablet
  • Zecyte 500 Mg Tablet

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