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How Long Before the Flight Can I Check in Emirates?

Emirates allows you to check in online as long as there are 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. You can select your most preferred seats, go for any last‑minute upgrade, earn Miles by adding your Emirates Skywards membership number, and choose any dietary meal.

Now, let’s go through the piece of writing below and get to know more about online check-in with Emirates, boarding pass, and more.

How to Complete Online Check-in with Emirates?

With online check in, you save time at the airport. Now, take a look at the Emirates Airlines Check-in steps below –

  • Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Go to the Online Check‑in page.
  • Enter your Booking Reference/PNR and your surname in the fields provided.
  • Choose the travelers to check in.
  • Enter the Advance Passenger Information if the destination requires.
  • Optionally add any missing Emirates Skywards numbers and change seats before completing the online check‑in process.

Please note

  • Know surnames of all the flyers you will be checking in with.
  • Keep the Booking Reference/PNR from your e ticket handy.
  • Select your seat, although Emirates might change your seat on bird or prior to departure.
  • If you have pais to grab your favorite seat and the above happens, Emirates refunds you as per its terms and conditions.

Things to Remember at the Airport to Check in

You can easily drop your bags at the airline’s self check‑in kiosks at the airport. Alternatively, you can go to its help desks.

Keep in mind that –

  • Those who are taking off from Dubai can drop their bags 24 hours before departure
  • While traveling to the US, Emirates allows you to drop off your bags 12 hours before departure

Here are certain timelines to follow at the airport –

45 minutes – For boarding

  • Boarding begins 45 minutes prior to your scheduled flight departure.
  • Gates close 20 minutes before the flight takes off.

60 minutes – For security check

Don’t be late than 60 minutes before your flight’s departure to clear the security.

90 minutes – To drop your baggage

When you check in bags, reach the Emirates check‑in counters at least 90 minutes before your flight.

Please note

  • You have to reach most of the airports  3 hours before departure. Although, it might be up to 4 hours at some airports at present.
  • Check the timing on your ticket to be sure about your time to reach the airport.

How Can I download My Emirates Boarding Pass?

You can easily check‑in online, followed by downloading the mobile boarding pass to your phone, Emirates App or Wallet app.

Then, show your boarding pass on your smartphone and skip the hassle of finding documents at the airport.

Now, let’s see how you can download the Emirates Airlines Boarding Pass in a few clicks –

  • Complete the online check-in through the website or The Emirates App.
  • Choose the option to download your boarding pass to your mobile device.

Emirates sends you the boarding pass link via SMS or email.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, Check-in 2 days before your flight’s departure with Emirates. Follow the guidelines mentioned above to have a hassle-free experience.


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