How I become Bold and Strong Lady from a Shy and silent Girl – A German Model in India, Fatimah Hamad.

A 26 years old , German girl who came to India with a lots of dreams but her shy and silent nature made her experience in india not so good .

But how did that shy and silent girl turned to be a Model and strong lady ?
Let’s read what she has to Say about it .

She starting her Sentence saying “ Hello I’m fatimah Hamad , and I’m from Germany , I came to India few years back , but at first my experience were not good as I was all alone in India with no friends or relatives here. When I was younger I used to be silent not knowing how to show confidence, strength or how to interact with people. Others tried to control my words, my behavior or my actions. I was very easygoing. I was shy and nervous most the time and overthink each and everything, doubt my thoughts and my actions, couldn’t tell what is on my mind. Mostly I care for what others think of me or how others see me, because I didn’t want to upset the people around me.

“I tried to be perfect in other’s eyes, try hard to be accepted and acknowledged. But I realised that it didn’t make me happy, it didn’t work to make everyone happy. The more I tried the more I failed.”

“Then I started to observe and to understand behaviour, try to figure a way out to make myself stronger, bolder and more confident and to think lesser about my surroundings. I began to care for important people and myself.”

“I started to talk more about what is on my mind, care lesser for others opinion, view or interest.
I started to take more pictures of me and become more confident in how I am, then I got into modelling and got few shoots here in India which made me even more confident and stronger.”

Fatima Hamad

I focus more on the present and on the future and on myself. I study and do modelling. Day by day I learn more and more and try to use my time as efficient as possible. Determined and strong minded that’s how I am and want to be.





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