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Harjaspreet Singh is a Punjabi director, producer, screen writer and music director. His journey is very inspiring. All this started with the comment “isme kuch nahi rakha”. You’d be surprised to know that  the entire country  was unaware of YouTube.that time, he had his own channel, he was just in 8th grade. His Youtube channel name is Android Explorer. He has attracted an audience of all age groups and proved that he’s an achiever.


Harjaspreet Singh was born into a middle class family in Ambala, Haryana on October 8, 1999. He started his schooling at the age of 5 and completed his high school in 2019 in his hometown, Ambala. Since childhood, he had a clear vision of his future, so he decided to pursue the course of Diploma in DSLR Filmmaking. Harjaspreet Singh said in one of his interviews that people around him used to condemn his choices about his future. Relatives and friends passed jokes on him and made him laugh as he took his DSLR camera with him to school and college, but he believed in his dream that it would come true someday and never lost hope.

CARRIER is an abbreviation for Carrier.

Harjaspreet Singh is a conscientious and diligent man. He started his career as a small photographer and is currently the owner of Ambala Production. He set his foot on the path of filmmaking as a cinematographer. His first work was in a song ‘Mera Khaab’ further ‘Teri Muskurahatien’, etc. in which he worked as a cinematographer. Then he worked as an assistant director and later as a director. He composed many popular film songs, including “Feeling,” “Next Level,” “Mahiya,” and others.He has also worked on albums with songs like “Change Your Thinking”, “A Key of Happiness”, “Drug Death Trap”, etc. His most recent released album was ‘The Last Day’, in which Harjaspreet Singh played the role of director and screenplay. But this height was not enough for him. He kept moving on and soon he worked on a few web series as a director, storey writer, and also played an important part in the screenplay for one of the popular web series, “Education vs Money.”  You can also have a look on his creativity and skills at work in Exploring Ambala, a famous web series. Still, he is working on some of the projects.

If you like Harjaspreet Singh, you can check out his social media handles. All external links have been provided below: – formalized paraphrase

Official site – www.harjaspreetsingh.com

IMDB profile – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11630881/

@directorharjaspreetsingh on Facebook

@director_Harjaspreetsingh on Instagram

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/HarjaspreetSingh/about


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