Gopal Ji Palace: The Perfect Venue For Your Formal And Informal Events And Celebrations

Selection of a venue is the primary and often one of the most exhausting things about organizing and hosting an event, gathering, celebration or party. A lot of things need to be kept in mind, like, whether the venue is equipped with all the specifications that you’d require for your event and whether it fits your budget. Gopal Ji Palace is a banquet hall located near Thana Chowk in Kesariya, Bihar that has continually aligned customer’s specifications with their budget. Also, it takes up all responsibility of organizing your event so you’re only left with hosting it.

Set up and owned by Nitesh Arya (a well known businessman and budding philanthropist in Bihar), Gopal Ji Palace is spread over 6,500 square feet and has halls designed specifically to meet various event and party needs. In its large hall of over 3000 square feet, the seating capacity is close to a thousand people. It has customizable décor and stage and seat placement. Everything from lighting to aesthetic is looked after by the staff of Gopal Ji Palace. There is catering available as well. Gopal Ji Palace is known to take due cognizance of your very detailed requirements so that no last minute problem crops up. What you have in mind is exactly what you’ll get in your event/gathering.

The other hall of 800 square feet is designed to suit the requirements of celebrations and gatherings that are relatively smaller. All customizations of the former hall also apply to this one. Additionally, Gopal Ji Palace has fully air conditioned and hygienic rooms to suit the comfort of every guest on your contact list.

Budget is looked after as well and almost all services provided by Gopal Ji Palace are affordable and reliable. To make your next party one of the most beautiful and comfortable of all your celebrations, book your dates in Gopal Ji Palace now!

If you’re located in Bihar or have a celebration in the state, Gopal Ji Palace should be your go-to spot and banquet hall. It is classy and affordable at the same time. What more can we ask from gopal ji place for?!






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