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Discover new styles of leather jackets in 2021

Leather jackets have emerged as the greatest fashionable outerwear in the last few decades. This has become a trademark for all of us to carry in winters and fall. Be it, men or women, leather jackets provide an instant sense of elegance and warmth in the chilly breezes.

Made up of purely sophisticated leather and tailored with fine stitching, leather jackets have got a completely separate fan base. Apart from the warmth and comfort, leather attires are quite fashionable, trendy, supreme, and elegant.

Without a second thought, if you want to add a spark to your personality and want to look like the epitome of perfection in terms of dressing then leather jackets must be your first and last choice!

Varying from café racer to biker, bomber, aviator, field, trucker, and shearling fur; leather jackets have got a diverse range of styles. Men are usually found to have limited fashion attributes as compared to women but when it comes to jackets, men can nail their looks with several styles of jackets.

Looking to jazz up your look this winter?

Got so many leather jackets but not an idea to style them out?

Want to be the apple of everyone’s eye in your town?

You have landed the right place as this guide would be helping you out to discover new ways to style leather jackets. Ready to dive into this article about your favorite leather jackets and their styles? Let’s go ahead then!


Let’s begin with the very basic information about the leather jacket. Once you have entered the store to find your perfect winter companion, you are going to become completely doubtful. Each and every leather jacket would make you feel fall in love all over again and you would not be able to resist yourself buying the entire leather jackets’ store.

But wait, do not make this mistake! Sometimes, a lot of people get scammed in the name of a real leather jacket and they end up buying some faux-fake leather jackets.

Real leather jackets are always an expensive investment. They are soft, supple, smooth, and very buttery with their texture. On the other hand, fake outerwear getting sold in the name of real leather jackets are like plastic and are so cheap with their price tags.

Before buying a leather jacket, this is very important to measure the waist and length. Make sure to buy a perfect-fit leather jacket to look classy until and unless you love to wear plus-size outerwear.

Let’s check some new styles of leather jackets that are going to be dominant this winter. You can make a selection for yourself as well after reading this guide.

Biker jackets:

One of the most iconic pieces of the men’s wardrobe is a biker leather jacket that is having a proper cool factor in itself. This can be worn by anyone and is pretty durable to wear. Extraordinary thickness and fine stitching are two prime features of the biker jacket due to which it is considered to be long-lasting.

Field jackets:

Belonging to military menswear, a field jacket is considered to be the cool-toned classic outerwear. This piece of leather is quite longer than the usual leather jackets. This also has multiple pockets on the front and a belt at the waist to provide a perfect-fit yet casual look to your personality.

Bomber jackets:

Bomber jackets are long-lasting in terms of warmth and money. These jackets were first used by pilots in the US and gradually they became a part of civilian casual wear. Highly durable and simple with design, this trendy piece of garb would surely be your regular staple for the upcoming fall and winter.

Pelle-Pelle jackets:

Another trendy leather jacket in town is the Pelle Pelle jacket. This men’s casual wear got the limelight from the designer’s basement in Detroit. With a touch of hip-hop and blood-red color, this Pelle-Pelle jacket has become the favorite of boys in town. Get ready to don up in your favorite outfit for your next bike ride.

Shearling leather jackets:

Shearling leather jackets with a furry hemline and cuffs give a sense of supremacy to the wearer. You can don up in shearling leather jacket with brown or blue jeans and inners. In the extremely chilly season, this shearling leather jacket provides great warmth to the body and would keep you comfortable.

Café racer jackets:

Café racer jackets are another option in the clothing line that you can carry this winter. This is the perfect blend of military and sportswear. You can pair it up with driving shoes and ribbed-knee jeans. A café racer is made up of thicker material and can be worn while riding a bike. A café racer is purely a grace.

Quilted leather jackets:

Made up of bent and real leather, quilted leather jackets mostly have insulated lining. They are considered to be a warm and sophisticated yet most stylish piece for the winter gathering. You can pair it up with a jeans and pair of joggers to look casually attractive.

Flight jackets:

Setting everything on fire, flight jackets have got some extra cheesy touch with their stitching. Slim-fit and perfectly tailored, flight jackets are made up of pure leather and blended shearling material. Once the military uniform, flight jackets have become civilian’s wear very quickly!

Distressed leather jackets:

If you are someone who is looking to keep up with the style and fashion then a distressed leather jacket is an option for you. Made up of pure leather, distressed leather jackets have become the new talk of the town and people are acquiring this style statement rapidly.

Moto jackets:

A fun twist to the traditional motorcycle jacket, moto jackets are versatile and warm enough that you can carry them this winter. Made up of thick and durable leather, this jacket would protect you from harsh winds and icy weather.


Get your hands on these trendy leather jackets right away and get ready to embrace your winter lifestyle and fashion. These leather outerwear are going to stay dominant in the upcoming winter and you would become an iconic personality in the town.



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