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Best Picnic Spots In Washington for Attractions

Is it your kid’s demand to spot Washington-Natural haven on earth during this vacation? Then, you glance at the list of the amazing spots through this content which is mainly organised for families. Hence, are you figuring out which would be the best picnic spot in Washington to discover a picnic with family?

When we say “mainly,” that doesn’t mean it is not meant for other travellers to explore. So, whether you buy Allegiant Group Travel tickets for a Washington trip with your friends or colleagues, you are most welcome to this nature-enriched destination.

List of the Spots in Washington for Picnicking

Picnicking is the only activity that is dynamic that offers you a chilling-out moment at the scenic site. Being travellers, you might be expecting the complete list of the best spots in Washington for picnicking. With this, it will be easier for you to determine the place for picnicking in Washington. And this is how you can prevent time-consuming searching the picnic place once reaching the destination.

Kerry park

Kerry Park might only seem to be a miniature public park on a map. But as per the visualisation, the place features the most captivating eyes shots of Seattle throughout the state. You can find this spot on the south slant of Queen Anne mountain, where the park dominates the skyline of Downtown Seattle.

Kerry Park does not draw only astonishing eye shots for the photographers across the areas, but it even plaits as an excellent place for a picnic.

Wallace Falls State Park

The west side of the Cascade Mountains is the home to Wallace Falls State Park—a 4,735-acre camping park. It puffs bustling rivers, which provide a picturesque 265-foot waterfall, towering cliffs, lush coniferous forests, and piercing buttes. And even enough new land to sink into a hidden, subdued afternoon breeze.

Artist Point

Washington reflects the multiple scenic beauties which encourage the photo shooters to take epic shots. But the panoramas that Artist Point encompasses are truly stunning, which cannot be explained in words unless or until one visits the site.

Artist Point exists at the tip of Mount Baker Highway and presents 360-degree sights of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan. The area is normally quiet and sheltered so that tourists can enjoy Artist Point’s impressive views and soft sounds.

Hurricane Ridge

It is one of the most beloved attractions to explore by Washington tourists. It is enriched by the peaks located within the Washington Olympic national park.

The Mountains are best for discovering various adventurous activities, such as hiking, snowboarding, and skiing. And while the actual mountain might not be the perfect site to throw a picnic, the centre of Hurricane Ridge Visitor offers stunning sights in a very comfortable background.

Once figuring out the picnic spots in Washington with the help of the above list, you should not delay in Allegiant airlines booking. Otherwise, all seats would be occupied and you would lose the chance to fly.

Where to Stay in Washington?

Find the list below of the stay-inns in Washington until the weekends get over.

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  • Georgetown University
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Perfect Time to Visit Washington

Are you searching for the best to explore Washington? Then it would be best if you went to Washington from September to November & March to May. During these months, you can enjoy the warm weather in Washington’s atmosphere.


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