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How do you Pick your Seat in Sun Country?

Even though you are aware of the seat selection perks, it won’t be worth your experience while traveling until you know the procedure of Seat Selection on Sun Country Flights online. No worries even if you do not know how to purchase the seat on Sun Country Airlines. Make sure that you do the same as the process described below in a few steps. Then only you could purchase your favorable seats online conveniently and successfully.

  • Step-1 Open the official page of Sun Country Airlines with the help of any global search engine.
  • Step-2 Secondly, login to the web portal using your registered details such as email id or username and password.
  • Step-3 Choose Manage Trip tab.
  • Step-4 Provide the last name and reservations code.
  • Step-5 Tap on the Manage My Trip tab.
  • Step-6 Choose โ€œseat selection.โ€
  • Step-7 Find a seat map of Sun Airlines.
  • Step-8 Choose from the accessible seat assignment.
  • Step-9 Continue with further instructions as visible on your screen.
  • Step-10 Lastly, pay for your seat and seek the confirmation message.

The procedure is applicable to select the seat via mobile application.

Things to Know About Sun Country Airlines Seat Selectionย 

Below are the important highlights that you should know about the seat selection. Otherwise, it would be regretful to you when anything unexpected occurs at the end.

  • As far as in advance you proceed with seat selection the higher Sun Country Airlines will charge the penalty from the customers.
  • Further, one can follow the check in accessibility hours to book the seat depending on their favorites for free.
  • In addition to the above, to seek the seat for free one should even agree with the seat assigned by the experts during check in.
  • Favorable Seat selection completely depends on the seat assignment accessibility.
  • The seat selection fee depends on the fare type and seat type and seat assignment.

For conveniently proceeding with the seat selection and purchasing your favorable seat you should connect with the experts. Although they wonโ€™t get you a seat reserve on your request, still they would assist you in making Sun Country Seat Selection conveniently.

How Much Does Sun Country Charge for the Seat Selection?

Seat selections aimlessly assigned at check-in are priceless and based on a “first come, first chance.” All seat selections are valued per flight segment, per seat, and are non-reimbursableโ€”seat selection fees range from $9 – $100 per segment. If there is still anything beyond this content provoking your mind about seat selection call Sun Country Airlines experts as soon as possible and get rid of your confusion instantly.

How Do I Get through the Sun Country Experts Over a Call?

Follow the sequence given below and get ease on seeking the contact number and possibility to communicate with the experts at Sun Country Airlines.

  • Go to the Official website of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Choose โ€œHelp.โ€
  • Find โ€œcontact usโ€ on the next page.
  • Seek the phone number of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Listen to the IVR while ringing up the contact number.
  • Choose the language by pressing 1.
  • To seek clarification regarding cancellation, booking and refund, press 2.
  • Press 3 for the clarification on allowance, missing baggage and restrictions.
  • For seeking the details upon special assistance you should press 4.
  • To get in touch directly with and talk to the representative at Sun Country Airlines, you should press #.

When the phone number is unreachable for more than twice, choose the other extensions such as email or live chat.


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