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Bart Owens: An Exceptional Industry Expert Serving The Global Community

Bart is an accomplished industry expert who has over 35 years of experience in the fields of transportation, energy, logistics, construction management and governmental affairs. As a professional with lifelong roots in Southeast Texas, Owens brings together and enhances coordination between various industry entities with the objective of ensuring the completion and success of long-term projects. He is the founder of the Neches Group, LLC, a multi-faceted entity which primarily manages the logistics of construction products and project management/development worldwide, and to facilitate industries to enhance public relations concerning Governmental affairs. In 2021, Owens founded Neches Carbon Solutions, LLC to develop carbon sequestration, green energy concepts and refocus industry with climate protection goals and lessen their contribution to climate change. Today Neches Carbon Solutions is actively developing cO2 sequestration in and around South East Texas.


As a child, Bart found inspiration in his maternal and paternal adoptive grandfathers. Their lifelong careers in Gulf Oil Port Arthur Refinery had various positions with capital projects and instrument maintenance. As a young man Owens completed his elementary, high school and university education in Port Arthur and Beaumont, Texas never leaving the region. He served six years in the United States Army Reserves as a combat medic. His first exposure to large-scale industry was at the age 15 when he started working for Transit Mix Concrete & Materials. In the fall of 1988, he attended the Regional Police Academy at Lamar Institute of Technology and began his lifelong career in public service. After serving nine years Owens reentered industry andbecame a regional general manager for Transit Mix Concrete & Materials. While at Transit Mix several large projects such as Motiva PAR Crude Expansion Project, TOTAL PAR Coker and Deep Conversion Unit, Cheniere LNG, and Golden Pass LNG were just a few industrial projects he completed from the concrete and aggregates perspective. In 2010 Owens became a founding partner in GT Logistics (GTL) in Port Arthur, Texas. Between 2010 and 2015 Owens engineered, procured, constructed, and put into operation the GT Omniport Facility in Port Arthur. A multi modal and mostly liquids petroleum terminal, GTL handles crude oil, diesel, gasoline, and blending components by ship, barge, and rail to export around the world. In 2014 Owens personally developed a concept to optimize the Exxon Plastics Facility in Beaumont, Texas by adding a rail storage facility that is adjacent. The facility was built in 2017-18. Today Ironhorse Terminals sits on 410 acres next door to Exxon Plastics facility and stores approximated 1200 railcars. The Ironhorse Facility provided substantial optimization to the XOM facility.


Bart Owens has over thirty five years of experience in bringing industry leaders together and working with various political and business leaders to dedicate much of his life to community service. Through his firm Neches Carbon Solutions, LLC, Owens has successfully outlined and engineered projects that ensure industry as a better partner with our future goals . Having worked with all levels of the Government, he has emerged as a professional who is dedicated to efficiently handling long-term projects of his clients while paying equal attention to become a responsible global citizen for tomorrow.



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