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Artificial Intelligence In Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been having a huge impact on businesses. Email marketers are also taking advantage of the power of this technology to provide better service, increase response rates, reduce costs, and improve profitability. Email is still the primary channel for reaching customers for many companies in different industries. Email newsletters can be sent out at any time to keep people informed about new products or services in the market.

Companies also use email marketing to inform clients about sales in their stores or discounts that are available in their online shop. Email has become an effective way for brands to communicate with customers when it comes to promotional offers, announcements concerning products or simply thank you messages regarding purchases made by customers.

Using artificial intelligence will benefit email marketers because they will be able to expand their email list, increase the number of click throughs on links in emails and send out personalized messages for each of their contacts.

What Is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is an electronic version of the regular letter that is sent to existing or potential customers that inform them about new products or services. Email newsletters can be sent out at any time to keep people informed about new products or services in the market. Email marketing is used by companies as a way of communicating with customers regarding promotional offers, announcements concerning products or simply thank you messages regarding purchases made by customers.Artificial intelligence can also be used to learn what products your customers are the most likely to buy. SmartrMail recommends 5 places where these automatic product recommendations can be included in your emails.

Here are some ways in which artificial intelligence helps companies improve their email marketing:

* Personalization – With accurate information about its subscribers, brands can send emails that cater specifically to them 

* More relevant content – Since emails from brands are tailored to suit the recipient, they are more likely to be clicked on and looked at. Email marketing platforms also offer an array of templates that make it easy for brands to create attractive emails 

* Better targeting – Email marketing platforms use data collected from its users and their customers and then segment them into groups according to gender, age, location, interests and purchase history 

* Faster communication – Artificial intelligence helps automate several processes within an email marketing platform including email creation, sending process etc. This allows marketers across the world to send more personalized and relevant than ever before. It also saves a lot of time because marketers can do other things, such as brainstorm ideas for future campaigns or prepare reports, instead of waiting for emails to be sent.

These tools have been found to increase email open rates by up to 19% and click rates by up to 10%. Email marketing can be a very cost-effective way of reaching out to the customer. Email lists are low maintenance compared to other forms of advertising, such as print ads or billboards etc. Email is also a flexible medium in that it can be used for sending transactional updates, newsletters or even announcements about major changes within a company. Artificial intelligence has helped businesses worldwide reach their end customers better.

Artificial intelligence makes email marketing better in two important ways:

  • Increased revenue. Artificial intelligence-based email marketing tools help you send higher quality emails, which increases opens and clicks, helping you make more money from your emails and get better results from your time spent on email marketing campaigns.
  • Reduced costs. AI-enabled email tools also make it easier, better and faster to create winning campaigns by significantly reducing the amount of time your team needs to prepare materials for email marketing initiatives.That’s because AI is great at extracting actionable insights and patterns from large data sets, including what works in large data sets of high-impact emails.

The result?

AI has a number of powerful uses in email marketing.

How AI will change email marketing strategy

1. Email marketers can now segment based on how customers feel

The most common way to create segments in Email Marketing is by creating clusters of your customers based on their demographics and past behavior. This has been the standard for Email Marketing campaigns, but it will soon become obsolete. Instead, Email Marketers are going to move towards email campaigns that are created specifically for each customer’s needs. One machine learning algorithm that is already being used for this purpose is called Emotion AI, which was developed by Affectiva . “With over 6 billion data points collected from more than 6 million faces around the world, we have mapped emotional expressions across cultures – giving us a high-resolution snapshot of universal emotions,” says Rana el Kaliouby ,  CEO of Affectiva.

2. Optimizing subject lines of emails with artificial intelligence 

Email subject lines are arguably the most important part of any email marketing strategy. Email open rates depend on them, and it will be difficult to get a high rate without a good one. Because of how influential these subject lines can be, Email Marketers should focus their efforts on finding the best possible combination of words that will get their emails opened. Using artificial intelligence , Email Marketers can find which combinations of words work best by analyzing user data and preferences. AI algorithms will tell Email Marketers which types of words work better than others, or with what type of language different people are more likely to engage.

3. Targeted Email Marketing 

Email is now being used as an increasingly popular platform for targeted advertising . The reason why this method has become so popular is that Email Marketing allows companies to attain personal information about their customers or subscribers that turns into immediate knowledge of how these people will react. Using AI algorithms, Email Marketers can use this personal data in order to better serve their target audience, increase response rates and cut down on the time it takes to find out which way of marketing works best with what types of people.

4. Email Marketers can also use A/B testing

Use it  in order to determine which advertisement resonates with customers, and then create more effective marketing messages that will result in more sales or donations . Email messages that are sent out with subject lines that have been written by AI that is aware of who the email’s target audience is and their level of interest in certain topics will increase open rates as well as be more effective than those created manually .

How do you start using AI for email marketing? 

It’s actually pretty simple. Email Marketers can use the data that they already have and link it to Emotion AI’s API (which is free, btw). This will allow them to get a better idea of which customers like their emails and how each customer reacts emotionally towards their email campaigns.

What does this look like in practice? 

It looks like custom-tailored marketing campaigns for every single customer. Email Marketers don’t even need to do anything extra – they can just send out their usual email campaign, collect the data about each customer’s reactions, and link it to Emotion AI’s API. If you’re wondering what this would look like exactly, let me give you an example.


 “With the right tools, Email Marketing becomes a lot more effective. Email marketing has already proven itself to be one of the most effective marketing channels, and new artificially intelligent email marketing solutions are poised to make it even better. For marketers, this means any number of benefits that can help increase engagement with your customers while helping you save time and money on brand logistics.

AI-powered Email Marketing allows marketers to go beyond smart targeting based on demographics or past behavior, recognizing customer emotions in real time to precisely predict their next purchase. This combination of predictive data analysis with real-time insight into what each individual customer prefers creates an unprecedented level of personalization for Email Marketing campaigns.



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