Anmol Dhiman: Play A Very Important Role In ‘Dream Castle’ As a Chief Executive Officer

Kml Jhangri launched his own music company in 2021 called Dream Castle Media Private Limited which publishes Your Music On All Music Platforms and promotes sales, pages, and impacts on social media platforms with over one hundred and fifty million social networks. companies promise to help people by providing services such as Music Video and Video Diversion, Social Advertising, Video Marketing, Web Style, App Design, Photography. Not only that, the company jointly publishes paid articles within the News Journal. Together they help perfect celebrities or business people are well-received on social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. the company fulfills the expectations of the people by providing assistance to various artists, designers, writers, photographers, and planners as well as everything to repair the meeting place of the company’s Founder, Kml Jhangri And Chief Executive Officer, Anmol Dhiman.

About CEO, Anmol Dhiman is an Indian Musician Anmol Dhiman launch the first song “Flioking” and released this song on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Tunes, Amazon Music, Jio Saavna and many different countries platforms

The internet and the social media have become very powerful tools in today’s time and provide with innumerable opportunities. Anmol Dhiman, a budding entrepreneur, and the new sensation in the online entertainment promotion industry, is tapping these multitudinous opportunities which are available over the internet.

Anmol Dhiman also known as Theadmusic, stepped into the field of ‘Digital Marketing And Promotions’ due to the newfangled popularity of social media and the increasing number of Indians who have access to the internet and who use various social media platforms. Anmol, formed his company Dream Castle, to help people all over the world to increase their social media numbers, to promote through social media and to uplift online influence. He is working as the CEO of Dream Castle.

The young entrepreneur started when he was just 16, and with his extraordinary skills and strategies, he has helped many celebrities in maintaining their social media presence. With his inquisitive thinking and out of the box concepts Anmol Dhiman is steadily capturing the digital market and is all geared up to work on bigger and even more creative projects. Anmol, with his continuous hardwork has managed to create his identity in the market and has become an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs.


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