An Entrepreneur by Wisdom – CEO of AIY officials

We are talking about no one other but the name which is emerging in PR and literary agency ,yes you guess it right Pulak Tripathi. He is founder and CEO of AIY officials. He is young and energetic personality who loves to interact with intellectual in field of writing and literature, he has always been an exceptional student and his verbal and art skills has always been phenomenal. Ever since his childhood he was inspired by his mother and she was a writer but she never got a chance and platform to get recognised in field of writing irrespective of her talent which was exceptional. This thought had always been in his mind that Talented people are need not to be rich and need not to belong from mega cities and big towns. So he started the foundation AIY officials and he is running it very effectively and gradually the firm is being top listed in Media , PR and marketing agencies for artists, authors and entrepreneurs. One thing which he kept very confidential but sharing with team that his age is merely 22 that very astonishing. He believes that if Zuckerberg can become a billionaire at the age of just 21 so anyone can try to be.
Sometimes talented people don’t get recognition just because they don’t have access to appropriate platforms, or they are technically handicap, that’s what AIY has made simple ! Even if you don’t know much about tech you can avail all the services by just texting a message to us !
The process of AIY goes like knowing the person, interaction with individual, checking out his/her background and knowing more about their journey, and featuring it at online platform including self page and other reader communities.
Organizing literally festival and open mics are included in the working criteria of AIY, we believe that organizing such events promote interactions among authors . Recently we have organised an event which we named as Aaveg 2021 it held in Lucknow the capital of Uttarpradesh in the presence of several renowned Authors .

Sofar we have helped over 456 authors to get published via different collaborated publications , we have a relation of trust and respect with our customers , we always make sure to provide the best and most convenient services at minimal price that is easy to afford for all social groups because money should not be a barrier if something is there in you !
By now we are only Author in you but very soon we are gonna be Talent in you platform !

AIY is always ready to help people who are talented enough, who has the potential to do something really different, those who have quit on their dreams just because of financial issues, we say never give up !
We are always there with you , contact us ,DM us join our group and we will do the every possible effort to make you get what you really deserve or desire !

You are an artist, author or entrepreneur you can grab the platform AIY officials.

AIY officials.


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