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Ahtishan zaid Bhat : A struggling singer from Srinagar.

Ahtishan Zaid BhatAhtishan zaid Bhat : A struggling singer from Srinagar.



Ahtishan Zaid Bhat was born in beautiful valley of Kashmir , belonging to a middle class family and has aim to do something big for his family.


“From childhood I was attracted towards art and culture. I was also good at studies and side by side I continued every kind of sports in my school namly Kashmir Harvard. I participated in taekwondo, was a good football player of my school team. But deep inside I was a singer from childhood when in class UKG my class teacher used to call me forward in front of the class to sing.I remember the song “Beegi Palko Par by Baabu maan” I used to sing that song and get praised by teacher and the whole class” said Ahtishan Zaid Bhat


He also used to recite naat-e-shareef on every shab in the masjid and again was praised by everyone and was noticed .


He was having a soothing voice and started watching reality singing shows and then adopted a dream of becoming a professional singer but being from a middle class family every parent has a faith in his child that as there will study and achieve something from that and that thing made him to hide his talent for years

Finally when he cleared his 10th with distinction and and somehow he got courage to tell his parents that he want to become a singer.


But everything went wrong his family stood against this thing but he didn’t stop , he used to save his pocket money

“I remember 1500 rupees and then went for a recording, I recorded the song uploaded on YouTube and then got criticized because I was not a trained singer there were lot of mistakes in my singing but again I didn’t stop there” said Ahtishan


He then listened to good music and then he recorded a Kashmiri song in year 2017 “YELI JANAAN RELUM” a Sufi Kashmiri Song and this time he got praised by many but also criticized by many more and side by side criticized by family members too.


The main thing that was lacking was family support, He got in the depression for almost 2 years but He believed in Himself that he will achieve my parents support one day and the day came when he again hardly saved his pocket money of months and recorded the song “AEM SAQIYAN” and this time he was praised by many and criticized by few and this time he earned the support of his father for the first time and his video of the particular song got liked by YAWAR ABDAL AND MOHAMMAD MUNEEM,


Few days after the release he was called to the 93.5 Red Fm and his videos were shared every where on social media but he didn’t stop there.

When he cleared his 12th class exams he released the Kashmiri mashup of “DIMYO DILAS X BUMRO BUMRO” and the day he released the song internet services got snapped and the song didn’t reach to the greater audience.

He was called to perform on various events, He had performed at NIT Srinagar, Kashmir Harvard and at many events organised by local production houses.


Meanwhile he got a call from Gulistan news and he was live on the show “Fun aur Funkaar”


It became so much difficult for him to record the song again because of lack of money and after 1.5 years he saved the money and recorded a song ” Maari Mat Yaar” and this time he gained the full support of his family and was applauded by each and everyone, the song received 10k views on YouTube in 48 hours and also 100k views across internet in 48hours.


Then he was praised for my improvement in singing moreover he released his new song recently “JANAANO BEI WALO” that got 10k views in 2 days and many beautiful comments because every Kashmiri related the story of my song to themselves


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