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A Guide to Waxing Services with Minimal Pain

Many women have a question in their mind, does waxing hurt? Of Course, it does. Waxing is a method to remove unwanted hair from the body.  However, the process is quite painful. That’s why many women avoid going for the waxing process. Some women opt for shaving and others use depilatory creams. However, razors and creams may cause harmful effects on the skin as well as the hair. However, you feel good after hearing that you can wax your hair with less pain. Here, we guide you in this regard. 

Tips for a Less Painful Wax

Select the Right Time 

Before going for the waxing, you need to keep two factors in mind.

  • Check if the hair is long enough for removal
  • The date of your menstrual cycle

Cut your hair using a seizure if you have too long hair, for too short hair, wait for it to grow. Otherwise, wax sticks to the skin and makes it more painful. Also, the threshold of pain depends on which side of your menstrual period you are in. The pain limit is highest just after your period ends and lowest just before the period. So, decide your waxing time accordingly. 

Prepare Yourself

Waxing is made to remove your hair and dead skin from a particular area. So, before going for the waxing, lightly exfoliate your skin. Scrub helps remove dead skin cells and open pores. When you apply wax, it grips the skin properly and gives it a better waxing experience. That’s why many women opt for it. Before going for the waxing process, have a warm bath. Dry your skin properly for a better waxing experience. 

Technique for Less Pain

In the waxing process, pain is natural when you apply a waxy substance to your skin. When you pull that wax it causes pain as it removes hair with it. This is how our body responds and we call it a feedback mechanism.  However, Sometimes we feel more pain after waxing. So, before applying wax, make yourself ready and breathe slowly, then pull your hair tight so that wax gets maximum coverage, especially if you are doing it by yourself. 

Scrub Before Waxing

The main purpose of waxing is hair removal and to get rid of dead skin cells. That’s why it’s good to use a body scrub two days before to make the skin hydrated as dead skin cells make it harder for the wax to grab hair. 

Take a Warm Bath First

Before waxing, have a warm bath for about 20-30 minutes whenever you find time. It helps open up your pores and soften the hair follicles, making the waxing process effortless.


We normally hold our breath in tense situations, like in the waxing process. It’s quite normal but a challenging thing because this makes you feel more pain. However, everyone must breathe and exhale deeply when the wax strip is being pulled.

The Hair Length Should be Optimal 

Before going for the waxing process, wait a second and observe whether the hair is about 1/4 inch long or not. If you have too short hair, wax won’t be able to pull the hair, but also too long means it will need to be trimmed first. 

Wear Loose Clothes

After waxing at least for 24-48 hours, try to wear loose clothes, pants or skirts. That will make your skin breathe and not get irritated by tight fabrics.

Stop Shaving

Try to avoid shaving in between your wax sessions. Hair becomes more resistant to wax due to the regular shaving process. So, before three weeks of waxing, try to avoid shaving. 

Don’t Wax on Sunburned Skin

Sometimes many women feel more pain in waxing as they wax their sunburned skin. The burning sensation increases and makes them feel more pain.


Consider Your Skin Type

Every individual is born with a different skin type. So, after waxing, if you feel more sensation and burning, it is best not to irritate it further. Don’t apply deodorants/soaps and exfoliation as they further irritate your skin. Also, protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


These are some tips you can use to reduce pain in the waxing process. If you want to take waxing services at home, contact CuDel – a professional home beauty salon. Not only waxing, here you get many other beauty services such as threading, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, rebounding, nail arts and many more.


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