A 19 year young talented boy – Meet Sanjeev Megaraj -Who made Social media as a Good tool to build his brand .

Sanjeev Megaraj proved “ Age is not a matter to achieve your GOALS “- He started to empower people with his own talent and knowledge since 2018 and now he has over 3,70,000 + Followers on instagram .
Every person after facing a financial problem, that person will get very dull in life and forgives his talents which is worth than his life ,but Sanjeev’s Motivation gives a boost in their daily life .
He owns pages named @millionaire_codes  and @millionaire_honey ,where you can find rich minset Motivation in his every words.
Each and every person should choose goals that interest them. Then they should start the progress and improve them daily .Social media is a 21th century GOLD .So he started to work on next level in his life.
He started a Marketing Media company named “MILLIONAIRE MEDIA ” , and he believes in ” Earning a good wealth is life ” so he is working hard for his future with social media Influence .

Mohit Churiwalhttps://mohitchuriwal.com/
Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Maxtern Media. Hi there, I'm Mohit Churiwall, A Blogger, Digital Marketer and Professionally an entrepreneur. I Interview individuals who've achieved some sort of success in their field- Actively building a knowledge base for Millenials. I help individuals to spread their Voice in the whole world Contact Me Get your PR done Today.


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