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5 Amusing And Interesting New Year Gifts For Kids

Gone are the days when kids were the easiest to please with anything wrapped in glitter wrapping papers. Nowadays, coming up with a gift option that would draw a huge smile on your face and would make your eyes sparkle with excitement is hard to find. Sometimes when we end up finding a good gift option for kids- they burn holes in our pockets and sometimes when we find something in our budget- it is not liked or approved by our kids.Β 

The new year is already here, and all of us are prepping to welcome the new day of the year with our family and friends. Exchanging new year gifts denotes gratitude towards the recipient. From checking out stuff from online shopping platforms to offline stores! We do everything for that perfect new year gift for family.Β 

If you’re confused about what to gift your little ones for thai new year- we have your back. We have composed a list of amusing and interesting new year gifts for kids. Read on to find out what is best for your kid.Β 


When you give a child a diary, you are indirectly inculcating the idea of writing their day to day activities in it- this is how diary writing comes into practice, and later it develops into a good habit. Instead of opting for usual gifts for your kid this time, go ahead with a diary or a journal as a new year gift. Ask them to mention their everyday activities. This is a very thoughtful gift option as it is not only a gift for your star, but also leads to the habit of writing everything so that one does not miss out on anything from their schedule. You can also get the diary personalized. Add your child’s favorite superhero or cartoon character on the cover of the diary. You can also write a message for your son or daughter on the first page of the diary.Β 

Soft Toys

Soft toys are every child’s favorite. They love playing with these squishy toys and even end up sleeping with them. Soft toys are one of the most commonly gifted gift items with respect to kids. This new year gift a cute unicorn or a minion to your son or daughter and see them excited while receiving the squishy toys. They would be overjoyed to add another member to their team.Β 

Pencil Case

Pencil cases are a common stationary item. Whether one is in a preschool, school or college- they need a case that can easily become a home to all their important stationeries like- pen, pencils, ruler, highlighter, markers etc. If your son is looking forward to buying a spacious pencil case because they keep all their important stationeries in every pocket of their bag- then what could be a better option other than gifting them a cute and spacious pencil case with multiple sections. A very useful gift for kids belonging from almost every age group.Β 

Stationary Stand

Nowadays just like adults, even kids have hectic schedules. Going to school, coming back from school, attending their coaching classes and then the little time they get before dinner and their study time is invested in playing games over the phone or doing other stuff like- painting or watching cartoons on TV. For kids who are extremely busy- opting for a stationary stand would be the perfect new year gifts. Children end up keeping their stationery items like- pens, erasers, markers, whiteners, pencils etc on their study table because either they do not have time to keep them properly in a stand or they are uninterested to do so because they are tired. Gift a stationary stand with many sections, you can also get it customized by adding your son, daughter or your little siblings name on it. You can opt for getting a motivational quote printed on the stand too.Β 


Nowadays with increasing temperatures and soaring pollution levels it has become very important to hydrate yourself. A sipper is an important item that should be carried by kids and as well as adults wherever we go. This new year gives your child a sipper and inculcates the importance of keeping themselves hydrated throughout the day. You can also go ahead with personalizing it with their initials or name printed on it or some inspiring quote that encourages your star to take a sip every now and then. This can also be a good new year gift for wife too.


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