30 Resources for Stopping Bullying At Your School

Bullying is a serious matter at school, given that it can inflict serious physical and mental effects on students. As a tutor, it is your role to teach practical strategies or resources to help stop bullying. Bullies take advantage of opportunities to abuse other students; therefore, you ought to seize these openings.

From rumors, gossips, and physical alterations, bullying can bring down your student’s performance. What can you do differently to reverse these effects? How can you intervene to create an environment that prevents this behavior in its early stages? Here is a bibliography essay outlining practical and competent resources to achieve a breakthrough and stop bullying.

Top Bullying Prevention Resources

Once bullying hits your classroom, it is hard to stop. However, you can succeed with the right resources. Below is a list of references, giving you a hand to prevent and stop bullying.


It is an official anti-bullying platform of the United State Government. StopBullying.gov provides parents and teachers with the necessary and sufficient list of books to fight and stop harassment in learning institutions.

National Runaway Safeline

The Nationwide Safeline floods with valuable resources to seize bullying at your school. For instance, it includes a downloadable outline. Students and all workers can use it to notify the institution administrators on bullying.

National Education Association

The national tutoring association offers practical curriculum strategies.  With its help, teachers get a chance to confront, address and fight bullying acts. It includes lesson plans, books, quizzes, and games.


Edutopia offers an updated resource list to help you prevent student bullying. It features the best pile-up of ideas to cultivate diversity and empathy.

The Bully Project

The bully project is a top resource film site for helping those with special needs. It floods with valuable assets for advocates, students, parents, and educators to fight bullying in class.


NAESP.org provides a vast range of resources to help principles prevent and fight bullying at your school. For instance, parents, learners, and educators get the opportunity to read handouts on bullying.

Bullybust. Org

With its resources, Bullybust helps make the learning environment better for all. Students, teachers, and parents benefit from videos, stories, and information about bullying at school.


Get a safer digital residency for your kids with SafeKids.com. Experts here create utmost anti-bullying efforts, preventing cyberbullying and builds awareness. Moreover, it features practical resources for you to increase empathy online.

Mayo Clinic

The resilient Mayo Clinic provides supreme advice to parents and guardians on assisting kids to deal with bullies at school.  It is a resource to show kids how to spot warning signs and respond to bullies through their parents.


Kidscape provides essential help for bullying among young people, giving ideas to deal with friends and enemies using bravery.

The National Center against Bullying

The United Kingdom National center against bullies gives children efficient ideas to help themselves or their friends.


Parents.com features quality magazines and rewriting services that provide valuable suggestions to parents, helping your kids get past bullies. It shapes up the learning environment, encouraging positive behavior.


Experts here help your students shut down bullies. For instance, they will provide connection, build confidence, set limits and create awareness.


KidsHealth endows parents with great bullying resources. Strategies here give guardians the utmost motive to show their children how to avoid, handle or deal with bullies in class. Kids get to understand what happens to bullies in the long run.

Children Committee

The Children committee gears up to promote the well-being, safety, and success of scholars. It works best to provide resources for students in terms of educative videos on bullying.

Practical Strategies to Handle Bullying At School

Create a Safe Space

Bullying affects not only the victim but everyone in your classroom. Students can feel unsafe even if they’re not the target.

As a result, fear and emotional distress build in, therefore, no utmost concentration in studies. You have to re-establish a safe environment. Teach more about kindness and respect.

Listen To Both The Bully And The Victim.

Whenever there is trouble in your class, ask more about the situation. Provide the victim with necessary ideas to handle bullies. Do not hate but persuade the bully to make good decisions in the future. Allow redemption.

Monitor the Situation

It is essential to keep tabs on both the victim and the bully. Examine the interaction between the two while in class. You can even make surprise visits at lunch or in the bus area. Observe the contact keenly to ensure bullying stops.


Support comes in where there is intervention. Guidance can help the victim redeem self–esteem and the bully learns better communication channels. However, do not counsel them all together. Do it separately.

Act Quickly To Bullying

Whenever you spot harassment in class, act right away. Do not normalize the situation.  Remember that bullies are opportunists. They expect teachers to keep a low key about their acts. Surprise them; respond quickly to put a stop to bullying.

Build Community

The sense of community in class lowers bullying incidents, facilitates healing, and improves discipline climate. Ensure every student feels connected to the school, teachers, and peers. Build in a team atmosphere.

Advocate Anti-Bullying

Your school should have practical anti-bullying ambitions. Involve and talk to staff members on how to develop a culture that holds bullies accountable. Do not blame the victim and cheer everyone to adopt this approach.

Lecture about Bullying

Let your class know how bullying affects others. With your lectures, instill empathy. Share some light on the penalty for bullies at school. Make them understand that the school won’t tolerate bullying.

Be Available

Students should see you around, especially at bullying hot spots like bathrooms, lunchrooms, and hallways. Bullies often monitor teacher’s movements. Therefore, kindly don’t give them the chance to bully others.

Survey for Bullying Pointers

Watch for common types of bullying indicators. Look for initial actions that students display. Some of them are intentional and gateway indicators. For example, look for eye-rolling, rude jokes, sarcasm, and insulting laughs.

Empower Bystanders

Bystanders are also crucial in the classroom. Motivate them to stand firm against bullies and report. Kindly provide them with confidential and safe channels to report bullying incidents.

Encourage Open Communication

Strive to bond with every student in your class, know them one by one, and ask how they are doing every day. Learn more about their goals, interests, and struggles.

Involve the Community

Educators can’t stop bullying alone. Families and the community matter, too. Bullies at school sometimes arise from abusive practices at home.  Therefore, educators need to join hands with parents, shift their mindset and act together.


Make use of these strategies and resources to stop bullying and improve your success as a tutor. Remember, bullies, distract other students from learning. Take action as early as possible to achieve a splendid impact on your students.


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