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Your Ultimate Guide to Bali: Flights, Tips, and Must-See Places


Planning a trip to Bali? Look no further! In this article, we’ll cover all the Bali basics, including how to get around, tips to avoid Bali belly, and must-see tourist hotspots. So fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to embark on an adventure to the enchanting island of Bali.

Avoiding Bali Belly:

When in Bali, it’s essential to be cautious about what you eat and drink to avoid the dreaded Bali belly. Drinking tap water is a big no-no, but don’t worry, bottled water is readily available and should be used even for brushing your teeth. While consuming ice used to be a cause of Bali belly, the government has implemented regulations to ensure quality-controlled consumable ice in businesses. For a safe dining experience, look for other foreigners eating at smaller family-run businesses. And don’t forget to carry hand sanitizer and use it after handling cash or before eating.

Exploring Ubud Rice Terraces:

Ubud is a must-visit destination in Bali, especially for nature enthusiasts and avid photographers. The rice terraces of Ubud offer breathtaking landscapes and a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Hiring a private driver is highly recommended for convenient transportation and to avoid the hassle of finding parking. Don’t miss the opportunity to relax in the infinity pools overlooking the rice terraces after your walk. To beat the crowds, make sure to arrive early in the morning.

Getting Around: Best Apps and Scooter/Car Hire:

To navigate Bali easily, the best apps for taxi services and food delivery are Grab and Go-Jek. These apps provide pre-calculated prices, avoiding the need for haggling. Scooter and car hire are popular options for getting around town and short trips. Bluebird taxis are highly recommended for reliable transportation. Scooter hire costs around 70,000 to 100,000 rupiah per day, while car hire starts at approximately 200,000 rupiah per day. International driving licenses are required for both cars and scooters.

Cash vs. Card:

In Bali, cash is still king, especially for smaller local establishments. However, major establishments accept credit cards without any issues. It’s advisable to carry both cash and cards to cater to different situations. It’s also recommended to have smaller denomination notes, as change for larger notes may be difficult to obtain.

Must-Visit Water Temple and Waterfall:

One of Bali’s cultural heritage sites is the Water Temple, known for its purification rituals. Visitors can participate in the ritual, but it’s essential to respect the sacredness of the place. Tegenungan Waterfall is another spectacular destination near Ubud. While there’s a 15-minute walk to reach the waterfall, it’s worth it for the breathtaking views. Swimming and nudity are prohibited, so make sure to follow the rules.

Tick Bali: Fast-Track Your Arrival:

Tick Bali offers an express service to avoid long queues upon arrival. They also assist with getting a local SIM card so you can start enjoying your holiday right away. It’s recommended to ensure your guide takes you to the express arrivals lane personally for a seamless experience. Explore their website for more services and options.

Insurance: Stay Protected on Your Adventures:

Travel insurance that covers sports like white water rafting, scooter riding, and paragliding is vital for adventurers. Cover-More offers complete coverage for a wide range of adventure activities. Before riding a scooter in Bali, be sure you have an international driving licence.

Power Adapters: Stay Charged and Connected

When traveling to Bali, it’s crucial to have the right power adapters to keep your devices charged and connected. Bali operates on 230 volts and utilizes plug types C and F, with socket type F. Cheap and basic adapters are readily available, but if you have multiple devices and prefer a high-quality multi-adapter, it’s advisable to purchase one before your trip. While some hotels may have spare adapters, it’s best not to rely on it. Ensure you have the two-pronged round pins for a hassle-free experience.

Visas: Know Before You Go

Most countries, including Australia, can avail themselves of a visa on arrival in Bali for up to 30 days. For Australians, it’s essential to carry a 50-note upon arrival. To find more detailed information on visas, you can visit bali.com for the latest updates and requirements.

SIM Cards: Stay Connected on the Go

Upon arriving in Bali, acquiring a local SIM card is essential for staying connected during your trip. Legitimate phone stores are the best option for purchasing SIM cards, while buying from street vendors should be avoided. Don’t forget to carry your passport, as they will require identification. SIM card prices can range between 50,000 and 200,000 Rupiah. For reliable coverage, Telcom Cell is recommended. If you prefer convenience, SIM cards can also be obtained at the airport or through authorized vendors like Tick Bali, but expect to pay slightly more.

The Kopi Coffee Tour (Ubud): A Unique Culinary Experience

For coffee enthusiasts, the Kopi Coffee Tour in Ubud is a must-visit attraction. During the tour, you’ll witness the organic cultivation of various plants used to flavor a wide range of teas and coffees. The highlight of the tour is the Kopi Luwak, a rare and expensive coffee made from partially digested coffee cherries retrieved from the droppings of the Asian Palm Civet. While the coffee samples on the tour are complimentary, you can choose to purchase your favorite blends to take home. Indulge in this unique coffee experience and explore the flavors of Bali.

Uluwatu Temple Fire Dance: An Enchanting Sunset Spectacle

Uluwatu Temple, perched on cliffs overlooking the ocean, provides a magical backdrop for the Kecak Fire Dance. This traditional performance, accompanied by a chorus of up to 150 men, tells a captivating story through dance and music. While the fire dance itself can be repetitive, it offers a unique cultural experience. Alternatively, take advantage of the beautiful sunset views at the temple and savor the ambiance while the crowd is engrossed in the performance. Beware of mischievous monkeys and consider hiring a local guide to retrieve any stolen items.

Cash Exchange: Tips for Safe Transactions

When exchanging currency in Bali, it’s advisable to avoid airport money exchanges, as they often offer unfavorable rates. Instead, wait until you are outside the airport for better options. Be cautious of exchange rates that seem too good to be true, as hidden fees and commissions may apply. Ensure the money is counted in front of you, and it

Getting There: Fly with Garuda for Comfort and Sport Equipment Allowance

When it comes to flights to Bali, we found that Garuda offers a comfortable economy class with decent legroom. But that’s not all! If you’re into sports like paragliding or surfing, you’ll be thrilled to know that Garuda provides a 23-kilogram sporting allowance. That means you can bring along your beloved paraglider or surfboard at no extra cost. While they may have fewer flights compared to other airlines, we found Garuda to be reliable and worth the choice. And if you want to treat yourself to a little luxury, try bidding for business class seats at significantly reduced prices. Trust us, it’s a game-changer!

Garuda/GWK Statue: Discover Bali’s Cultural Marvel

One of the must-see attractions in Bali is the magnificent GWK Statue, standing tall at 122 meters. This awe-inspiring statue of the Demi God Garuda and Vishnu is a testament to Bali’s rich cultural heritage. As you gaze up at the statue, it’s hard not to feel a bit queasy, thanks to the clouds seemingly moving behind it. While the statue took nearly 28 years and $100 million to build, there’s still ongoing construction beneath it. Explore the park and become immersed in the lifelike statues of mythical heroes that highlight Bali’s distinct Indonesian Hindu culture. We recommend taking the shuttle to the statue to make your visit easier, as the walk can be very long. And, if you’re feeling brave, join the brilliant local musicians for an impromptu jam session!

Packing Your Paraglider: Essential Tips for a Drama-Free Journey

If you’re a paragliding enthusiast, you’ll want to ensure your gear is properly packed for a smooth airport experience. We suggest investing in a concertina bag to protect your wing’s Leading Edge during transport. This handy bag allows you to neatly fold your wing and place it inside your harness, which can then be placed securely in your paragliding backpack. Don’t forget to tie down any loose straps to avoid any last-minute dramas at the airport. Following these tips will make your journey hassle-free and ensure your paraglider is ready for thrilling flights over Bali’s stunning landscapes.

Outro: Ready for an Adventure in Bali?

Now that you’re equipped with all the necessary information, it’s time to embark on your Bali adventure! Check out Paragliding Bali for exhilarating flights over Noosa Dua and the magical Chandy dancer. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share it with your friends or families and be ready for more exciting travel content. Get ready to soar high and create unforgettable memories in beautiful Bali!



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