Xsoundbeatz Macedonian Dj And Record Producer from Skopje

Mentor Zenula
(born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia, on April 16, 2000) known by his stage name Xsoundbeatz, is an Albanian Producer, YouTuber, composer and producer. Xsoundbeatz contributed to the pop scene with many beautiful songs like Mero La La and Balkan Tallava. He is a talented Hip Hop Producer.

Music Carerr 

Xsoundbeatz, whose real name is Mentor Zenula, is a Macedonian music artist, composer, producer EDM and YouTuber. The Macedonian producer, although young, is among the most sought after. The hit “La La” in collaboration with the famous German artist MERO strongly presented him on stage, making him the most famous artist of the Albanian scene in the Balkans and Europe. Xsoundbeatz was born on April 16, 2000. He began his career at the age of 17 in Skopje, North Macedonia as an online music producer. He later started publishing his originals on major broadcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in early February 2019.

Personal Life

Xsoundbeatz currently lives in Skopje studying at the Faculty of Music Arts, as well as making songs for others and for herself. His studio is located in the village of his origin in the village “Trubarev”.

Social Media

His YouTube channel has more than 20,000 subscribers and 5,000,000 views in total.Xsoundbeatz has more than 8,000 followers on Instagram, more than 13,000 on Facebook, continuing with many more songs this year.


  • Xsoundbeatz – Balkan Tallava (2019)
  • Xsoundbeatz – Mero La La (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Hobby Hobby Tallava (2019)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Berda Genick (2019)
  • Xsoundbeatz- El Melody (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Tmm Tmm Balkan Remix (2019)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Adrenalin TALLAVA (2021)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Zehra Melody (2021)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Toparlanmam Lazim Melody (2021)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Drill Tallava (2021)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Tik Tok Melody (2021)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Gece Gündüz Balkan Remix (2021)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Benz Tallava (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Dali Tallava (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Amg Tallava (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Warde (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Flaute Beat (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- B.ney (2020)
  • Xsoundbeatz- Zehra Cenneten Çiçek (2020)



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