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Writing Maniacs is a unique and special writing community

Writing Maniacs, a writing community founded by Mohammad Shabaz Alam and Gajala Yasmin registered under MSME ACT, 2006 is a best writing platform in India with Management Head – Sona Agarwal and Judging Panel – Suriyanshi Mishra where writers from different countries , different states , different cities take part in the daily different contests of writings and the writeups of top 3 writers are posted on the official instagram page of community (writingmaniacs) daily.

Topic of the contest is given at 11 P.M. and the writers are asked to submit their content before 6 P.M. of the next day. Writings are judged on basis of content quality, theme, grammatical errors, word limit and after observing every rule by judge then top 3 winners in both English and Hindi category are decided by the judging panel and results are announced at 7 P.M. daily.

After whole month’s contest, best writers of the month are decided by looking to the whole performance of every writer deeply and the top performer of the month is selected for the best writer of the month in both English and Hindi category. Certificates for daily contest are provided to each one of them so they feel encouraged to write more and more and we appreciate each one for their talent.

Recently Writing Maniacs was selected for record by Forever Book of World Records for organising a special contest for one whole week under word limit of 25-30 words and a compulsion to start the writings with the initial alphabet of the day and on this daily winners was decided. Every writer shows their magic of words through penning down.

Here each one is learning to became more perfect in penning their feelings into words. Daily interaction among writers are done so no one feel alone or a competitor.

From different corners of the India each one is United in a writing maniac community. Every day new topic of contest is given. Daily different and special challenges are given to them so they enjoy while writing and have fun with the words.

Writing Maniac is something different and special in each one’s life and one of the best writing community for the writers to be a part of Ink Your Heart Out!

The creativity quotient is top-notch in the books and the author’s number game will hopefully continue in his third. To find out more about these world-class books – read them now!


Get in touch with them :-

Instagram :- https://www.instagram.com/writingmaniacs/



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