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Why Hire a Professional Painter?

Why Hire a Professional Painter?

People tend to misperceive painting as being an easy process, but there’s more involved than simply dabbing paint onto walls with a brush.

A professional painting service should have W-2 employees, customer testimonials/references and an active insurance policy to help protect themselves against unexpected surprises later on. This will make choosing the right painting contractor much simpler!
They Have More Experience

Professional painters possess years of experience painting both homes and businesses, knowing exactly what steps must be taken for an excellent project completion.

Professional painters also possess extensive knowledge in surface preparation for painting, as well as fixing minor problems such as holes or cracks in surfaces. Furthermore, they may help select an aesthetically pleasing color scheme for either your home or office space.

Professional painters also possess the expertise needed to safely strip old walls of previous coats of paint without damaging the substrate, something which DIY painters may find challenging or even impossible to accomplish on their own. As this task should always be performed prior to applying new layers of paint, professional painters are highly recommended before undertaking such an endeavor themselves.

When selecting a painter, it is vital to ask them for their insurance and license numbers as well as customer testimonials or references. Furthermore, they should provide you with a breakdown of costs and schedule. Doing this will give you peace of mind knowing they are legitimate businesses.
They Can Get the Job Done Quickly

Professional painters take great pride in their work and strive to complete it quickly and efficiently. Using highly efficient methods of painting, professional painters can complete jobs in much less time than it would take you or an amateur to attempt on their own.

Good painting contractors use quality materials, from paints and brushes to tools and other supplies, in order to produce high-quality finished products. While this may cost more than cheap items you find at hardware stores, investing in good paint products could save you from having to redo your project in the future.

Professional painters understand how to keep their work areas as tidy as possible while the painting process takes place, saving you from having to leave home for days at a time and lessening any disruptions caused by painting activities in the home or yard. This reduces inconvenience to yourself, your family, and pets alike.
They Are More Efficient

Professional painters have spent years perfecting their techniques to deliver precise and flawless painting jobs that last for years. Additionally, they use only quality materials without compromising on price for quantity.

Professional painters employ a proven process for their work that ensures it can be completed swiftly and with minimum disruption to your home. They will communicate with you throughout the estimate process in order to fully understand your expectations, schedule, and preferences.

Professional painting contractors will know exactly which colors and finishes will coordinate perfectly with your existing furnishings and accents, recommend any necessary surface preparation (sanding or patching), cover fixtures with plastic sheets to protect them from accidental drips or splatters, tape off areas to keep drips at bay and take care of clean-up at the end of every day or when work has been completed.
They Are More Affordable

Professional painters tend to belong to larger companies that take things a bit more seriously than one-man shows, providing valid insurance, testimonials/references and pictures of previous work. Furthermore, these larger firms use higher quality materials that may cost more but deliver superior results.

Professional painters possess a passion for color. They can assist you in selecting the ideal hues to suit your home based on personal tastes and lifestyle, helping prevent costly errors like choosing clashing flooring or furniture colors.

Professional painters have access to equipment that allows them to reach areas on your house you may be unable to reach without risking serious injury, including ladders that reach up to second stories and cherry pickers for accessing higher peaks. Furthermore, they will carefully prepare your house for painting, moving items as needed to protect against paint splatter.

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