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What types of Preschool Shoes are best for Kids and Teens?

I went through several pairs of Cat & Jack shoes from Target when my twins started preschool before realizing that the best course of action is one substantial, steady pair to dedicate as a “school-only shoe.” The others are great for weekend adventures, birthday celebrations, and dressing up your kid, but they won’t hold up to the daily rigors of your preschooler.

The Preschool Shoes

I’ll be the first to admit that it can be challenging to dress up your little girl and send her to school in style because so many preschool-friendly shoes seem to look more boyish. However, you can use Start Rite Shoes Discount Codes and save some bucks. When shopping at Start Rite Shoes as they have several options for girls who prefer a sleeker, more feminine appearance. Once more, these shoes slide on easily and feature a securing strap to keep them secure and in place all day long!

The Strapped Sneaker

When it comes to comfort, ease, and getting through those early mornings without having to sit down, put on shoes, and then lace them all up, straps are the go-to solution. These are especially awesome because your kid can get dressed without assistance with shoes! You just need to slip these on, fasten the straps, and you’re ready to go! 

The Secure Slip-On

Slip-on shoes, like Crocs, are frequently prohibited at daycare centers and preschool shoes because of how simple it is for children to put them on and take them off. These “slip-on” are more secure around the heel and have a strap to protect your child’s foot during play. 

The Cool Compatriot

This one’s for you if your child adores the ventilation, comfort, and cooling that Crocs provide! These feel like sneakers and have easy straps to keep preschool shoes child’s foot in place. These shoes don’t allow for slipping and sliding off like Crocs do, allowing your child to play more.

The Sandal Predicament

Kids will inevitably want to wear preschool shoes during the warmer months, but showing toes in public places like schools is frowned upon. And I fully understand! This summer, I put the twins in sandals and took them to our local park for some much-needed outdoor time. It’s not as exciting or cool, but within ten minutes, one of them had already scraped their toes from running in sandals. These sandal-like shoes give your child the front protection they require while emulating the foot-freeing summer shoe feel. Everyone benefits from it.

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