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What to Consider When Hiring Your Next Java Developer 

In the digital transformation era, hiring Java developers has become a top priority for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

Java remains a cornerstone language for many businesses, powering everything from web applications to mobile apps and enterprise systems.  

However, finding the right Java developer for your team can be challenging. In this blog, we will explore six things you consider when hiring your next Java developer 

6 Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring the Next Java Developer 


1 – Knowledge of Basic Java Skills  

Before hire Java developers for your project, you must ensure that candidates have expertise in building various software, from desktop to web to mobile applications.  

No matter what experience level of developers you are hiring, they must be familiar with the basic Java skills and technologies. 

Here are a few essential Java skills, technologies, and languages you need to look for when hiring developers for your next Java project.  

  • Object-oriented programming skills 
  • Relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB.  
  • Design patterns in Java to solve routine problems faced in the software designing cycle  
  • Popular version control systems like Git and BitBucket  
  • Web frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JQuery 


2 – Understanding Java Tools 

Before making any decision regarding Java developers, it’s essential to check they know Java tools. Each programming language has specific tools to perform different tasks. So, Java also has several tools, such as:  

Java Build Tools 

Hiring Java developers who know and use Java build tools efficiently is useful for your business, whether small or large. These build tools help automate source code applications and software.  


Here are a few Java build tools: 

  • Apache 
  • Sonatype 
  • Gradle 
  • Nexus 
  • Cmake 


Java Testing Tools 

Along with coding, Java developers must also be proficient in testing tools. These tools allow them to test their code in a separate database without a web browser.  

Java developers can use two main testing tools to test different processes together and build a high-quality, powerful application.  

  • TestNG 
  • Selenium 

Before hiring the next Java developers, ensure they understand these testing tools.  


DevOps Tool 

Profound knowledge of DevOps tools is a must-have among the top Java skills you need to consider before hiring the next developers.  


Here are the most important DevOps tools: 

  • Docker 
  • Kubernetes 
  • Jenkins 
  • Chef 
  • Maven 

3 – Expertise in Java IDEs & Libraries 

Expertise in Java IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and libraries is essential when hiring a Java developer.  

Proficiency in Java IDEs 

Java developers should use popular Java IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or NetBeans. They should be able to navigate the IDE efficiently and utilize its code editing, debugging, and version control integration features. 

Knowledge of Java Libraries 

A good Java developer should understand commonly used Java libraries and frameworks relevant to your project. It includes libraries for web development (e.g., Spring Framework, Hibernate), database access (e.g., JDBC, JPA), testing (e.g., JUnit, Mockito), and more. 


4 – A Great Cultural Fit 

No matter what programming languages or technologies Java developers know, an expert without a mindset that fits with your company culture is a red flag.  

Finding a good cultural fit should be a top priority when hiring the next Java developer. Broadening your search is essential to bringing in someone who can instantly make an impact on your team.  

But remember, hiring a developer who meets your business culture is also essential in the contract market.  


5 – A Good Grasp of Java Framework 

Every business uses different technologies and frameworks to run its applications and software. It’s essential that you hire developers who are experts in these technologies and frameworks, as per your projects.  

Another thing you need to consider when hiring your next Java developer is whether they are familiar with the latest LTS version of Java. In addition, candidates must know the previous and latest versions of Java to keep their business ahead of the curve.  

Hiring developers with knowledge of Java libraries and frameworks is the right choice for your project.  


6 – Familiarity with Git 

To effectively manage your application’s versions, it’s crucial to enlist developers proficient in GIT, facilitating version control, rollback capabilities, and collaborative file merging. Demonstrating proficiency in these tools not only showcases a solid grasp of basic Java concepts but also extends to: 

  • Maven for build automation. 
  • Jenkins for continuous integration/development. 
  • Agile/project management/bug tracking tools like Jira or Bugzilla. 

When evaluating potential hires, prioritize candidates with expertise in these areas. Finding a developer with a comprehensive skill set encompassing these tools will significantly benefit your team’s efficiency and project success. 

Cost to Hire Next Java Developers! 

The cost of hiring Java developers depends on the developer’s experience, location, and skill set.  

For example, a junior Java developer in the United States might have an average salary of around $80,000 annually. On the other hand, an experienced senior-level Java developer may earn up to $150,000 or more annually. 

When budgeting for new hires, businesses must meticulously assess all related costs to guarantee optimal value for their investment. Through thorough planning and diligent research, companies can secure skilled developers at a reasonable price, effectively aligning with their business objectives. 

The Bottom Line! 

Now that you know what to consider when hiring your next Java developer, it’s time to start the hiring process. Remember that specific skills and qualities are most important to you and your team.   

If you are looking for the top 3% of Java developers within 48 hours, contact a dedicated IT staffing company like VLink. With the most significant talent network and rigorous pre-vetting process, you can hire the right fit for your next project.  


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