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What Do You Mean By Numbness?

Numbness is the complete or partial absence of feeling. It may indicate a dysfunction of the neurological system. After sitting cross-legged for too long or resting your head on a crooked arm, you may experience temporary numbness and tingling.

Numerous parts of the human body are susceptible to numbness and weakness. Most of us have experienced numbness or weakness as a result of improper sleeping positions or lengthy sitting. Although the ailment may be temporary, underlying health issues may worsen the situation. In certain instances, numbness may suggest a medical emergency, such as a stroke.

Reasons For Numbness:

Numerous factors, including some medications, can induce numbness and tingling. Everyday activities such as prolonged sitting or standing in one posture, sitting cross-legged, or falling asleep on the arm can occasionally result in numbness.

Numerous illnesses can cause numbness and tingling, including:

  • Insect or animal bite; 
  • Toxins found in shellfish; 
  • An abnormal amount of vitamin b-12, potassium, calcium, or salt; 
  • Radiation therapy;
  • Chemotherapy; and
  • Drugs.

The sensations of numbness and tingling can also be caused by various illnesses that affect particular body areas. Body components consist of:

Feet And Legs:

Diabetics are susceptible to diabetic neuropathy, a kind of nerve injury. Nerve damage can develop over time due to the metabolic effects of diabetes on circulation.

One-third to one-half of persons with diabetes develop peripheral neuropathy, which typically causes numbness and discomfort in the feet and legs or, less frequently, the hands and arms.

To determine the reason for numbness and tingling, a doctor will study a patient’s medical history, do a physical exam, and ask questions regarding symptoms. Report all symptoms, even if they look unrelated, as well as any previously identified diseases. Be mindful of any recent wounds, illnesses, or immunizations. In addition, your physician will need to know about any prescription or over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements you are currently using.

Your doctor may request further numbness test based on the findings of a physical examination. Blood tests, electrolyte level testing, thyroid function tests, toxicological tests, vitamin level tests, and nerve conduction investigations may be included. 

Additional imaging and blood testing may be required for a diagnosis. These include MRIs and CT scans to enhance brain imaging and detect a stroke or tumor. A physician may request the following blood tests: 

  • Complete blood count (CBC); 
  • Electrolyte panel;
  • Renal function test;
  • Glucose measurement; 
  • Vitamin B-12 level test;
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test.

Anesthetic Treatment:

South Valley Neurology treatment for numbness and tingling will focus on treating any underlying medical issues, depending on the cause of the symptoms.

If numbness in the feet impairs a person’s ability to walk, wearing well-fitting socks and shoes at home can assist prevent further injury and damage to the feet.

Multiple Sclerosis:

The numbness caused by multiple sclerosis (MS) is often innocuous and painless. Niacin, a B-complex vitamin, helps lessen inflammation and numbness associated with it.

In situations with acute or painful numbness, a brief course of corticosteroids may be used to reduce inflammation and hasten to heal.

Multiple sclerosis-related numbness and tingling can be alleviated by a variety of drugs used to treat other illnesses, including:

  • Amitriptyline, 
  • Imipramine, And Nortriptyline; 
  • Gabapentin, 
  • Pregabalin, 
  • Carbamazepine, And Phenytoin;
  • Amitriptyline,
  • Imipramine, And Nortriptyline


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