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What are the Subjects in CA Foundation Exam June 2024?

The Chartered Accountancy’s entry-level examination is CA Foundation. To clear the CA Foundation, students must clear all the CA Foundation subjects with the required passing percentage. So, there are four subjects that the student must prepare for following the CA Foundation registration. The ICAI administers all the CA levels in India, and the exams are conducted twice a year: in May and November. Further, students who wish to develop a profession in the financial sectors of finance, law, economics, and accounting choose the CA Foundation Course.

When appearing for the CA Foundation examination, students must keep a note of certain things. Following the registration of the CA Foundation, you need to be informed about the CA Foundation exam form dates because you need to fill out the exam form to sit for exams. Further, after you fill out the exam form, you need to download the CA Foundation Admit Card, or else you won’t get entry to the examination centre.

Now that we have a basic overview of the CA Foundation course, let’s look at the complete details about the CA Foundation subjects.

CA Foundation Subjects: A Complete Overview

As mentioned earlier, four subjects in the CA Foundation revolve around law, economics, quantitative aptitude, and accounting. Further, the CA Foundation subjects 2024 have different question patterns that the student needs to be aware of, and each paper is 100 marks. The first and second subjects are objective, whereas the remaining two are subjective.

Now let’s have an overview of all four CA Foundation course subjects.

The subjects are as follows:

  • Accounting
  • Business Laws
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Business Economics

Here is an overview of all the subjects.


So, it is the first paper of the Foundation. Further, the CA Foundation Accounts curriculum includes accounting fundamentals that students may have learned in 11th and 12th grade.

Business Laws

So, the second subject out of the CA Foundation subjects is business law. Moreover, the theoretical components of this curriculum are a little more extensive. 

The CA Foundation Law curriculum includes theory and requires a strong understanding. Businesses and networking go in tandem. Though networking is about sharing information and ideas, this communication must be professional when doing business. In addition, letters and reports are the cornerstones of official communication. Hence, this section will test your communication style in various written forms.

Quantitative Aptitude

This subject aids in developing knowledge of business mathematics, logical reasoning, and statistics. Moreover, the CA Foundation mathematics course applies to the commercial, finance, and economics industries and enables students to acquire a logical approach to problem-solving. This subject is divided into 3 parts:

Part A: Business Mathematics

Part B: Logical Reasoning

Part C: Statistics

The CA Foundation mathematics curriculum consists of forty marks. While the reasoning curriculum comprises 20 marks, the statistics curriculum contains 40 marks.

Business Economics 

This CA Foundation Subject teaches students how to put Business Economics ideas and theories into simple problem-solving situations.

Now, let’s have a look at the passing criteria for CA Foundation subjects.

Passing Criteria Of CA Foundation

Candidates must score at least 40% on each CA Foundation subject and 50% overall to pass the CA Foundation exam. Students must also note that there are negative points on the CA Foundation examination for objective-based papers. For each wrong answer and there will be a deduction of one-fourth of a point from the final mark. Hence, answer only those questions you are sure about.

Five Tips for Completing the CA Foundation Subjects

1. Study conceptually and prevent rote learning

The questions on the CA examinations are significantly different from those on school exams since they measure students’ foundational understanding. Hence, students must strive to be conceptually clear in all the subjects.

2. Writing practice is a must

Apart from learning and conceptual understanding, a CA aspirant must have ample writing experience. A CA aspirant must possess writing experience. To overcome the fear of forgetting, one should solve relevant questions and practice writing several answers, whether practical or theoretical.

3. Cover ICAI study material

It is common for students to neglect ICAI study material and follow other authors’ books. Following other books isn’t the problem, yet ignoring the ICAI material is. Hence, CA aspirants must note that they cover the mock test papers (MTPs) and the previous year’s question papers.

4. Take mock tests regularly

A mock test is the most effective method for evaluating yourself in an exam setting. So this is because you will get acquainted with the CA question paper and gradually gain confidence. Consider taking mock tests for all CA Foundation subjects.

5. Take breaks between study hours

Do not study continually throughout the day if you wish to memorise anything. Hence, take little breaks of 10-15 minutes every two to three hours to refresh yourself.

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Hope this post on CA Foundation subjects will help you prepare better. For more updates on CA Exams, keep visiting CA Wizard.


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