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Valuable and Great Pots and Planters For Gardening in your Home

There is a massive alternative when it comes to container gardening planters. Garden pots and planters come in a catholic color, designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. A gardener needs to figure out or assess what they most value in a container before investing in them, and preferences vary from gardener to gardener.

The weight, look, price point, ease of maintenance, climate, or potted plant placement may top the preference list and guide you toward your decision. We’ll take you through the material options available on the market and explore the cons and pros of each so you can decide which type of container gardening planters are best for your gardening needs.

Top 6 Pots and Planters for your Garden

If you are looking for adorable planters and confusion about choosing among them, then you are in the right place.Β 

Magnetic Pot

Do you love plants so much that you wish to grow them in every nook and corner of your house? A magnetic pot for plants that combines your love for ceramics, interior decor, and plants. You can grow plants hydroponically, which means growing plants without soil. Apart from this, all you need to do is add water and cuttings of your favorite plant to the planter and stick it on your fridge, railing, or any iron surface. The super-strong adhesive power of the heavy-duty magnets used in this planter allows it to hold plants. The ceramics used to make these planters are of premium quality and are handmade. Magnetic pot price starting price of Rs 299.00 to Rs 462.88.

Container Gardening Planters

Container gardening is an appreciable way to add variety and style to your garden. Always make sure all planters have adequate drainage holes before planting. Whether you mix and match different types of container gardening planters or prefer to stick with a similar material, it’s great to have options. And it’s important to make an informed decision before investing in the gardening equipment of the trade, such as containers. We hope that this list of pros and cons of each material will help you choose the best option for your gardening needs.

Cow dung or Biodegradable PotsΒ 

They are biodegradable pots made from natural, sun-dried cow dung/gobar of Indian (Desi) breeds of cows combined with densely compressed clay. These pots dry well, are completely odorless, and are made with garden soil and desi cow dung. They are used for sowing seeds, planting seedlings, and transplanting plants directly into other pots or gardens to protect them from transplant shock. A sustainable replacement for plastic nursery pots or trays, perfect for the environment and plant health. In other words, these cow dung pots will be completely biodegradable and provide nutrition to the plants grown. They can be used as compost once broken down. However, cow dung pot price ranges from Rs 199.00 and goes up to Rs 199.00.Β 

Wood Container Gardening Planters

Wooden container gardening planters add a natural feel to any growing space or garden landscape. They can be made from untreated wood, reclaimed wood materials, or purchased pre-made. You should choose wood that is strong and can withstand the elements of various climates.

Using untreated wood for planting containers play a core role, especially when growing food. Pressure-treated wood can release noxious toxins into the soil and, thus, into your plants and food supply. When buying any wood garden planter, keep the type of wood in mind. Untreated wood is more prone to rot, so garden planters made of wood cannot have the same longevity as others. Choosing planters made from cedar can greatly extend the life of your planters.

Plastic Garden PlantersΒ 

Plastic garden planters come in all different sizes and can take on a variety of appearances in texture, even some that look like sought-after stone, wood, or metal tones. They are user-friendly and very versatile. They can be visually appealing while allowing you to move plants in and out of shade and sunlight. Care must still be taken to empty and, during the winter, store them in cold climates. Plastic can still crack and become brittle if not treated with enough care, and if tinted, it may fade over time.

Coir PotsΒ 

Coir pots can be transplanted into the soil along with the pot and are a great growing medium for plants. Coco-coir pots have exceptionally high permeability to air, roots, and water. The Cocoa Pot promotes root distribution (aerial root pruning), thus allowing full use of this plant. Considering the harm caused by plastic and related materials to the surrounding environment, most modern youth are seen shifting towards coir utensils. These new eco-friendly, biodegradable, and long-lasting planters are enriched with various shapes and sizes. They are made from coconut husk, which makes them eco-friendly. Flowering plants look aesthetic in coir pots. Most prefer to keep these plants for indoor gardening with these pots. However, the coir pot price starts from Rs 331.00 and ranges up to Rs 650.00.Β 

To know more about the pots and many more, want to purchase from an online garden store, click on Plantlane.Β 


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