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Unbalanced Hormones And Their Noticeable Impact On Hair Growth

You might have seen a lot of advertisements for hair loss solutions, some long-term others more temporary. They might have fascinated you especially if you have been seeing a lot of hair loss and you are tired of using homemade remedies and oiling your hair to make it more voluminous and healthy to no avail.

Hair transplant

Hair Transplant in Punjab is a surgical procedure that helps you restore hair after noticing bald patches or hair loss. Performed by the specialized surgeons, in this treatment, the hair is removed and replaced from the donor area to the balding area.

Did you know hair transplant is not only for men?

Yes, women too can get their hair transplanted and restored, although the most common target audience is men, women too are eligible. The procedure or treatment is not as different as men’s, only the reason for hair loss is. Hence Hair Transplant Cost may vary with different hair issues and their treatment.

Causes of hair loss

There are different reasons that can lead to hair loss and thinning of hair among people. Some of the most noticeable causes are:

  • Hormonal problems
  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Unhealthy Diet
  • Stress and Tensions
  • Uses of chemical products and tools.

The impact of hormones on hair loss

Hormones play a crucial role in balancing your body and mind. Any kind of unbalanced hormone can affect the mood and body immensely. Just like that β€œmale” hormones or known as Androgen Hormones like DHEA and testosterone play a crucial role in the overall growth of hair.

If the level of your hormone is too high you can see extreme growth of body and facial hair, whereas if the testosterone level reduces, the growth of the hair might be less and create a vice versa situation with less body and facial hair.

Another important hormone in men is the thyroid for the growth of hair. If the thyroid is not active, it stops the less important function as your metabolism decreases.

For women, PCOS( polycystic ovarian syndrome) is the most common reason for thinning of hair, it is mostly due to the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels, which results in hair loss.

Beneficial points to get a hair transplant

  • A permanent solution to the hair loss that you have been suffering for ages.
  • It has a high success rate, once the treatment is completed the fear of hair loss is eradicated.
  • It does not require any special maintenance, like prescribed shampoos and other products
  • An important point to getting a hair transplant is to get back that confidence back that has been lost after the hair loss.
  • A safe and successful method to ensure restoration of hair, with the best possible result.

Help for hair loss

Get yourself an appointment with the surgeons of Profile Forte for the best outcome and shine again with confidence, an easy, simple, safe, and permanent solution to hair loss among men and women with the help of FUT and FUE hair transplant surgery.


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