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TVS Scooty Zest 110 – What you need to know

When it was launched back in 2014, the TVS Scooty Zest was a breath of fresh air. It looked like a sportier, more modern version of the Scooty Pep+. The scooter has received some updates over the years. We take it for a spin.

Chic appeal

The moment you swing a leg over the TVS Scooty Zest 110, it immediately strikes you that TVS Bikes have clearly aimed at the fairer sex with this compact, cute-looking scooter. It’s very appealing and the front apron reminds us of the Scooty Pep+. However, on the TVS Scooty Zest 110, the indicators sit nice and flush with the nose, and there are various colours you can choose from. The cluster is backlit, featuring a clear speedometer, a fuel-gauge and odometer and that signature TVS econometer is visible as well. To help with efficient riding, TVS Bikes have equipped it with an idle indicator that lights up if the scooter has been idling for too long. The palm grips feel soft and the switches are of good quality; the TVS Scooty Zest 110 also features push-to-cancel turn signal indicators, a rear brake lock clamp and body-coloured mirrors that give it a complete look. The scooter also features an optional storage bin, a pair of retractable bag hooks and a 19-litre storage under the seat. At the rear, the scooter sports an LED-powered brake warning light; the footrests for the pillion are tucked into the sides, plus you get a side-stand-down warning indicator. Kicking the stand up is easy; so is getting the scooter on to its main stand. The grab handle is finished in silver and feels quite strong. Fit and finish is excellent, as expected on any TVS product.

Zesty and fun

The Zest 110 is powered by the same four-stroke, 109.7cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled and carburetted engine that does duty on the Jupiter and Wego. The engine makes 7.9bhp and 8.8Nm of torque, mated to a CVT ‘box. The scooter features an auto choke system for easy stat-ups. The Zest 110 feels quite sure-footed; the engine is peppy and smooth, making it pleasurable to ride. Acceleration is good for what is a small engine at the end of the day and the scooter ambles along well up to speeds of 60kph; however, you can push it up to 90kph, but not without putting stress on the engine. The Zest 110 gets a lighter frame construction compared to the bigger TVS scooters offered. The seat is nice and comfy; you sit low with your back in an upright position, perfect for urban riding. The Zest is undoubtedly light at just 97kgs. The saddle gets white stitching; it is also well padded, longer and wider than the Scooty Pep+. The floorboard is broader, giving way for more room and your knees don’t interfere with the handlebars.

Buy one, then?

At the front, the Zest features telescopic fork suspension, while the rear gets a monoshock. There’s a nice balance between plushness and firmness when it comes to ride quality; the scooter feels light to handle, making it a breeze to ride in traffic. It also feels quite stable, despite its small 10-inch steel rims. The tubeless tyres provide decent grip and brakes work well. This is not a scooter that will appeal to most males but it sure does offer a lot of value. If you’re a college going student, there’s nothing like having a look at the Zest.


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