Turing.com review: How helpful is it for remote work?

Imagine this scenario: freelance developers worldwide take Silicon valley startup salaries, working 40 hours per week whenever they feel like it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Ever wished there was a platform that would take care of the entire job hunting process for you? Well, this is the dream that came true with Turing.ย 

Turing is on a mission to unleash the worldโ€™s untapped human potential by bridging the gap between the software engineering talent across the globe and the excellent opportunities at leading companies across Silicon Valley and the U.S.ย 

In todayโ€™s remote-first world, it can be challenging for software developers to get noticed among a planetary talent pool. That’s where Turing steps in to help build your dream engineering career, powered by AI.


What does Turing do?


Using Artificial Intelligence, Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud helps connect top-tier software developers with American jobs. With AI-powered deep vetting and job matching techniques, Turing targets the world’s best developers with excellent technical, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills and helps them become developers for U.S. companies, including Fortune 500 companies, unicorns, and fast-growing startups.


How can Turing help me build a strong career?

Turing does more than just help developers find jobs. Turing’s goal is to be a long-term career partner by supporting developers throughout their software engineering careers. During a matching process, Turing facilitates the following:ย 

  • Lifelong matching to high-quality U.S. jobs
  • Personalized career mentoring
  • 24/7 support from our HR & developer success team
  • Regular and secure payments
  • Access to a career-centric developer community


How is Turing different from other remote job websites?


Although Turing is sometimes mistaken for freelancing services, it differs greatly from others. By employing artificial intelligence, Turing helps developers build dream careers, identifying jobs where they can thrive! Each of these remote jobs is a full-time, long-term position with a top American company. This is arguably the most crucial aspect of Turing, apart from other job platforms. Here are some of the differences.

You will never apply for another job after joining Turing! Turing builds and maintains your developer profile based on your initial vetting results, your career goals, and your continued outstanding on-the-job performance to help you find a remote job with elite U.S. companies. Turning’s AI Matching Engine matches developers with the most impactful jobs based on their skills and career objectives.

You are not expected to go looking for clients on your own, build your resume, or pitch yourself. You can count on Turing to bring these opportunities to you and to help you land jobs. In the event that you clear all tests and pass the vetting process, Turing’s AI Matching Engine will provide you with a list of remote U.S. jobs that match your career goals and skills.ย 

In addition, Turing offers a dedicated resume-building platform to help you effectively communicate your skills, experience, and education. The profile you develop will increase your chances of being selected by hiring managers and recruiters at leading U.S. companies.


What kind of jobs does Turing provide?


Several leading U.S. technology companies, including Fortune 500 companies, unicorns, and fast-growing startups, are currently hiring application developers from Turing.com. Turing.com offers developer jobs across many roles, tech stacks, and career paths.

With 15+ job types, Turing hires remote developers from across the globe based on their skills, roles, and seniority, including front-end, back-end, full-stack, database, mobile, DevOps, and AI/ML specialists.

As far as skills are concerned, Turing hires remote developers for 100+ tech skills.


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