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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Beach Wedding Dress

The romantic setting of the destination weddings is the reason behind their increasing popularity – warm swimming pools and the surf and turf are the examples of this. Many brides see a beach wedding as a perfect place where they can feel the smooth sound of waves washing ashore, listen to the sand whispering under their feet, and see the glorious view of the ocean. The atmosphere of this fairytale-like place will result in an unforgettable celebration for all people involved. Nevertheless, selecting a beach wedding calls for a gown that bears in mind all of the seating space, including scenery and ceremony. When choosing the dress and the ceremony, it is essential to put into consideration all factors. This is necessary to make your beach wedding dress the most beautiful and suitable for both our looks and movement. Destination weddings are trendy and festive, granting brides an offer to ditch the white wedding gown and opt for something else. Some of the bride also choose to wear Mermaid Wedding Dress on their beachy wedding, and few finds Boho Wedding Dresses attractive.  A great wedding dress for the beach is always on the mind of every future wife. And this manual is exactly the guide that every girl looking for the perfect dress is waiting for.

Make Your Special Day an Absolute Beachy Delight with This Ultimate Guide

  • Own Your Style

Even though a lot of brides prefer to stick to the simpler style of a dress at that time, you should not forget that it is your unique individuality that counts. However, first of all, I would advise to take a dress that not only will let you breathe but will be suitable for your body type, too. You should always start with your own preference of style so that you don’t miss out anything. For such brides who wants to own up their style, a non-traditional smooth and flowing gown may be considered. Consider selecting a wedding dress with loose silhouettes that beautifully promote the environment of the beach that is easy-going and relaxed.

  • Don’t Revolve Around Formality

The style of your beach wedding dress may be affected by the level of formality you will expect to have on your wedding day.  Although the beach may, at first, seem like a casual wedding place, it can be transformed into a formality of intimacy if the bride and the groom decide to shape it in that way. Nevertheless, there may be some restrictions regarding formality. One choice you could make is avoiding yards of ivory tulle, ball gowns, or mermaid-style dresses that are more difficult to use on exposed sand or in breezy conditions. Another thing you should take note of is that a heavy wedding dress might make you sweaty and feel hot too if it is greatly hot in the venue.

  • Color Choice

When organizing beach wedding, take into account the decision of choosing the wedding gown made in vibrant colors, so harmonizing with the theme of celebration. Observe the color wheel and decide which hue pairs well with your wedding colors like blue and orange shades. If you like a more laid-back color palette, you should wear your wedding gown accordingly to your skin tone. Instead of having colorful wedding if you do not prefer have different colorful things such as flowers, shoes and accessories. Go for a nearby area for that the theme colors, bridesmaid dresses or the bride’s dress. On the one hand, for the lake and riverfront beaches, the most popular colors are deep blues, greens and straws; On the other hand, at the ocean side weddings, the turquoise, terra cotta and yellows are frequently used. There may also be oranges, fuchsia, and gold appearing in the scenery. If you decide to go for black or other dark color, look at the time and style of the wedding. In the afternoon, dark colors such as black already make you feel hot, while the number of selection is more in the evening.

  • Fabric and Material

Instead of thinking about too difficult stuff when deciding your beach wedding dress, better pay attention to the material of your dress, because this is especially important if your body generates your own heat. I feel light fabrics such as linen, organza, lace, cotton, and chiffon are perfect for both casual and formal evening gowns, being luxurious and trippy. Comfort is also a very important thing to keep in mind. Stay away from the gowns which make your sweat or bear the sweat stains. Make sure you can wear the gown the whole day. Further, make sure to take the wind into your dressing design for it should not be too short or loose and therefore gives an accidental show to your guests. You therefore can find yourself such an outfit that will flatter your look and make you stand out among the others.

  • Accessorize your dress with good stuff

Beach wedding dresses frequently tend to be less formal, but brides can still add the sparkle through their extra pieces. Instead of massive dressing mixed with glitters, try going for less of fine necklace or a simple studs or pearl bangle at the mother of pearl. At the same time, shoes are essential for a beach wedding, because the sand is uneven and that can be problematic for walking. Choose between a stylish yet comfortable sandal, a low-block heel, or go with a sneaker, or if you are feeling adventurous, go completely barefoot. For a seaside setting, chunky heels with pearl embellishment, basket-weave wedges or heeled flats with tulle bows can be a way to go. A classic long wedding veil will do well as a summer wedding dress but so will a fingertip or shoulder-length veil. If a bridal veil isn’t your cup of tea, you can consider other bridal hair accessories – like a floral crown or daintily plaited pearl hairpins. Although beach brides have to take the scenery of their destination into account, it is advisable get the best out of their surroundings by choosing their accessories well.


If you are up to have a beach wedding then you ask for a perfect beach dress as well so the fact you gotta take care about is to pay attention to the fact that it should be comfortable and more valuable and everything comes afterwards. Chiffon and satin textures are excellent for sea breeze wind. Whether it’s a boho style with embroidery or a sleek design, pick up a dress that complements your personality and the whole beach theme. Perk up your outfit by spicing it up with beachy stuff such as seashell-inspired jewels or a flower crown. Make sure you are choosing colors with muted pastels or bright shades to form a special and energetic feeling. Trusting your intuition and trying on different variety of styles while you are having fun with the process also work quite pleasingly. Whether it be a graceful ball gown or a light and airy boho-chic attire, your beach wedding dress should make you look and feel your absolute best. I hope you have a great day that is full of love, laughter, and awe-inspiring moments by the beautiful sea and you get the best beachy wedding dress out there.




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