The “502” Instagram Growth Strategy! what is 502 instagram Expansion strategy? 502 method – what does it mean?

Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the 502 method and what even is it.
So I thought that I should explain it!
The 502 Instagram Development Strategy help How to get 10k followers about Instagram quickly Organically about Instagram inside 2019. To be able to grow 10k followers in Instagram quick, the 502 strategy could be the go to method.
? 502 method – what does it mean? The 502 stands for: 50 pieces of content + 2cents.
Which means, you need to engage with 50 pieces of content (posts) and leave your genuine opinion ??

Now, there are 3 to do the 502 method:

#Find big hashtags- go to the recent 50 photos, like and comment a genuine comment ( should be a natural comment, mention that you checked out his page, relate to him, say that you followed him).
#Find 5 authority accounts – go to their most recent post, find the most engaged comments, go to their profile, like and comment on their post. Not the most recent one. Do this 50 times a day.
#Go to the explore page and engage with 50 posts. They HAVE TO BE in your niche. If they’re not in your niche, there’s literally no point to engage with them ??‍♀


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