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Technology Made Gardening Easy with Smart Outdoor Devices

Smart technology for taking care of your garden and lawn includes plant sensors, weather monitors, sprinkler systems, and even robot lawnmowers. The variety is perfect for the great outdoors, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Once you know what your options are, you can stop killing plants with push notifications, save time with automation, or just collect data and watch how your land is doing. Once you find the right tools for your garden, the wide range of smart garden tech will be helpful instead of scary.

Think About Your Goals

Like their indoor counterparts, every smart garden device either senses the environment around them or automates a task. So, smart outdoor devices will help you learn about your environment, help it grow, or do both. Robot lawnmowers are mostly about automation, but they still have to be able to sense enough to stay in your yard. Both plant sensors and weather monitors are mostly about sense, but they can still send you push notifications and trigger other automation devices. Connected sprinklers get information about the weather and use it to set up a watering schedule automatically.

Smart Outdoor Gardening Devices

All smart outdoor devices, except for some robot lawnmowers, come with apps and communicate with the cloud in some way. And that’s the end of the way smart garden tech is the same. Because the devices are so different, you can quickly narrow down your choices by thinking about what you want your new smart gadget to do. Do you have a lot of experience gardening and want to save time? Are you a fan trying to gather information? Are you a busy homeowner who wants to pay less for water? Do you live in an apartment and find it hard to keep a plant alive? Any of these goals can be reached with the help of connected garden tech.

Plant Sensors

You put these gadgets in the ground near your plants. They collect data about their surroundings and send it to your phone, tablet, or computer. Hopefully, this will help you become a better gardener. This is the only type of smart outdoor technology that can be used inside, which makes it great for keeping a plant alive in a pot. Even the simplest plant sensor we’ve seen measures how much water is in the soil and compares that information to a database of plants to tell you when to water a certain type of plant. All of the plant sensors we’ve tested will send you to push notifications to remind you to water, so you won’t forget by accident.


These systems can help you save water by watering your yard when it needs it and turning it off when it rains. They do this by using weather reports and sometimes information from your garden. Check the Click And Grow Coupon Code for amazing discounts on smart gardening products.

Meteorology Sensors

Weather sensors are even more of a niche item than most smart garden tech, but they can be very useful in some situations. They are the best way to find out more about your environment in general. Also, the sensors that come with the system can be used to keep an eye on sensitive areas of your home, such as a wine cellar or a child’s room. Unless you have a specific use in mind, though, you might not find much use in these devices beyond what you can get from dozens of free weather apps.

Robot Lawnmowers

Once the technology has had time to develop, robot lawnmowers could be useful for a lot of people. Right now, though, the technology is new, expensive, and hard to use. With a robot lawnmower, you won’t have to spend time walking up and down your lawn to keep it from getting too tall. Just be prepared to spend more than $1,000 to do it. You’ll also have to go through a process to set it up. As of now, robot lawnmowers use wires around the yard’s perimeter as guides. This is the same technology that is used for electric dog collars. You’ll need to bury these wires around your yard after you buy the machine, but before you can use it.


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