Swaraj Tractor Price: A Comprehensive Guide

Swaraj tractors are a popular brand in India, known for their affordability, durability, and fuel efficiency. The company offers a wide range of tractor models to suit different farming needs, from small mini tractors to powerful high-horsepower tractors.

Swaraj Tractor Price Range

The price of a Swaraj tractor can vary depending on the model, horsepower, and features. However, in general, Swaraj tractors are considered to be very affordable compared to other brands. The price range for Swaraj tractors starts at around Rs. 2.45 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 10.05 Lakh.

Factors Affecting Swaraj Tractor Price

Several factors can affect the price of a Swaraj tractor, including:

  • Model: The model of the tractor is the biggest factor affecting the price. Swaraj offers a wide range of models, from small mini tractors to powerful high-horsepower tractors. The price of a tractor will increase as the horsepower increases.
  • Horsepower: The horsepower of the tractor is also a major factor affecting the price. Swaraj tractors are available in a range of horsepower ratings, from 15 HP to 96 HP. The price of a tractor will increase as the horsepower increases.
  • Features: The features of the tractor can also affect the price. Some features that can increase the price of a tractor include:
    • 4WD: Four-wheel drive tractors are more expensive than two-wheel drive tractors.
    • Power steering: Power steering makes the tractor easier to operate, and it can increase the price.
    • AC cabin: An air-conditioned cabin makes the tractor more comfortable to operate, and it can increase the price.

Swaraj Tractor Price List

Here is a table of some of the most popular Swaraj tractor models and their prices:

ModelHorsepowerPrice (Rs. Lakh)
Swaraj 71715 HP3.15 – 3.35
Swaraj 735 XT38 HP5.75 – 6.25
Swaraj 843 XM43 HP6.50 – 6.90
Swaraj 744 FE48 HP7.15 – 7.45
Swaraj 855 DT Plus55 HP7.25 – 7.95


Where to Buy a Swaraj Tractor

Swaraj tractors can be purchased from authorized Swaraj dealers across India. You can also find Swaraj tractors for sale online.

Tips for Buying a Swaraj Tractor

Here are some tips for buying a Swaraj tractor:

  • Do your research: Before you buy a Swaraj tractor, it is important to do your research and learn about the different models that are available.
  • Consider your needs: Think about your farming needs and choose a tractor that is the right size and horsepower for your needs.
  • Budget: Set a budget before you start shopping for a tractor.
  • Get quotes from multiple dealers: Get quotes from multiple dealers to compare prices.
  • Inspect the tractor: Before you buy a tractor, make sure to inspect it thoroughly to make sure that it is in good condition.
  • Read the warranty: Read the warranty carefully to understand what is covered.

Swaraj Tractor: A Good Choice for Indian Farmers

Swaraj tractors are a good choice for Indian farmers who are looking for an affordable, durable, and fuel-efficient tractor. Swaraj offers a wide range of models to suit different farming needs, and the company has a strong reputation for quality and customer service.

I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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