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Scrap buyer in Dubai Compressor Scrap Buyer in Dubai

Compressor Scrap Buyer in Dubai We deal into various commodities of scrap like Ferrous Scrap (HMS 1&2, Shredded Scrap Grade 211), Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316) , Aluminium Scrap (Tense, Taint/Tabor, Twitch, Talk, Talon, 6063 Extrusions, UBC, Shredded TT, Telic, Wheels, Aircraft Scrap) , Copper (Millberry, Berry, Birch/Cliff, Candy), Brass (Honey, Ocean, Turnings, Pales/Pallu), Zinc ( Zinc Die Cast, Score, Scabs), Lead Scrap & Compressor Scrap.

Scrap Buyer in Dubai

Scrap buyer Dubai has been involved in offering Compressor Scrap In United Arab Emirates at industry-leading prices. We have just begun this journey but has years of industry experience to serve you reliable products. We are the buyer as well as the sellers of Stocklot Of Paper Rolls, Plastic Film Rolls, Coated Fabrics, Polymers, Metals Scrap, Plastic Scrap & Paper Scrap etc.


Our name is considered among the top-notchย Compressor Scrap Suppliers in United Arab Emirates. You can trust our product quality, as it is the blend of our experience and expertise. We ensure our clients will receive the high-grade quality, standard products and reliable customer support. We are also the Compressor Scrap Buyers and you can reach us via call or web enquiry form. Compressor Scrap Buyer in Dubai

Being a leading Compressor Scrapย  in United Arab Emirates, we provide timely delivery and round-the-clock customer support. Drop us your enquiry or call now to get in touch with our customer spokespersons. Compressor Scrap Buyer in Dubai

Compressor scrap is any unserviceable air conditioning or refrigeration compressor collected for the purpose of sale as scrap metal. The compressors are typically stored separately from other scrap metal for a number of reasons. The first is the potential presence of contaminants such as oil and residual refrigerant gas in the compressor housings.

The second is the fact that the compressors are sealed units containing several types of metals requiring a separate billing system to that applied to single metal scrap material. These metals typically include aluminum, steel, cast iron, and copper.Compressor Scrap Buyer in Dubai

Scrap buyer in Dubai was established in 2012 with a vision to provide the best prices for buying our clientโ€™s scrap materials. We are among the Top Scrap purchasers, dealers & Suppliers of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap materials like aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, and a lot more.

Working to build a strong customer base backed by our team of satisfied and optimistic workforce, while maintaining a safe work environment.

Working to provide customers with quality products at a fair price, delivered on time; and to honor our suppliers with prompt, accurate settlements and reporting.


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