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Sami Islam Manik is a Musician and YouTuber

Sami Islam Manik  is a  Musician and YouTuber. He is the founder of the music production company, “Sami Islam Manik Music”. He also has a blog about his musical journey calleSami Islam Manik Musicians & YouTuber

Manik has been working in the music industry for over 5 years. He released his first single in October 2022 and since then he has released 3 more singles.#samiislammanik



Sami Islam Manik, a  musician, songwriter he has been gifted with the ability to speak and sing in multiple languages. He is excelling in singing many different genres of music such as folk, country, pop and jazz.

works on social platforms for making people aware of their social media cyber-security and also helps them by giving instructions on it. He has a non-profit organizations named “Bangladesh White Cyber 71 – BWC71” whereas he helps people who are affected by any cyber-security related issues.

Recently he focused himself on the music industry and become a verified artist on Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music, Sound Cloud and so many other platforms. He released his first music video named “Love 69” and his first Record label named “i am Sam” which contains five pieces of music.

By being comfortable with many different genres of music he is able to make his music relatable to a wide audience.

Sami Islam Manik is a very talented musician having sung in multiple languages including English, Bengali and French. He is also adept at other musical styles such as pop, jazz and country. This versatility enables him to connect more with an audience by making his music more relevant for them.


Sami Islam Manik is a musical artist who has earned himself a name for being one of the most famous singers of the country in recent years.

Sami Islam Manik was born on 27 April 2000. He is an YouTuber and a singer. He is also an active member of an organization that runs free schools in Bangladesh.

He completed his graduation after Dhaka University studying Software Engineering and started working while continuing his music career on the side. After meeting success as a singer and YouTuber, he quit his job as a software engineer to work full-time in both these fields


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