Ruhool Ahmad Kawa and his company Shia Wikipedia

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa, who is the founder of Shia Wikipedia, has established himself as a social media guru and the youngest digital marketing mentor in this new era. He is recognized for providing the best digital marketing solutions to his clients.h

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa

Hardly anyone thinks of converting old businesses into new-age online offices than Ruhool Ahmad Kawa. New India is now moving towards becoming Digital India. Therefore, digital solutions are creating new avenues of progress for everyone. Ruhool believes that every youth should be skilled in education as well as digital skills as this is the key to the future which has millions of opportunities to move forward.

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa
Ruhool Ahmad Kawa

Over the past decade, Ruhool’s Shia Wikipedia Internet has greatly influenced the business world. His team is expert in press release, brand reputation, online promotion, knowledge graph, Wikipedia editing, artist management and all kinds of tasks and their clients list is increasing day by day.

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa
Ruhool Ahmad Kawa

Ruhool is a skilled expert in social media marketing and helps businesses provide appropriate mobility through their strategies. Says Ruhool, “The Internet has awakened our sleeping powers, in time we should imbibe technology so that we can be ready for rapid changes in the future.”

What is Shia Wikipedia

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa


Shia Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia about Shi’a Islam. This wiki contains more than 23,000 content pages about Shia Islam in 100 languages including English, Persian, Spanish, Turkish, French, Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian, German, and Russian

Who is Ruhool Ahmad Kawa

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa is an Indian Singer and Founder of Shia Wikipedia who published his first book Genocide of Kashmiri Shias in 2021. Ruhool Ahmad Kawa was born on January 9, 2001,in Jammu and Kashmir. In 2021, he was nominated for the Amazon Kindle Award.

Bio facts

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa or Ruhool is Student of Kashmir Universty,

Born 9 january 2001 at sonawari Jammu and kashmir, india

Parents Mohd jaffar kawa(father) Safeena(Mother)

Siblings: Mushtaq kawa(brother)

Grand father: Ahmad kawa

Grand mother Raja begum

Education Government degree College Sumbal

First Book Genocide Of Kashmiri Shias

First Track Kashmiri noha Shahzad Qasim

First Award Amazon Kindle

First Album ae shaheedo Tum kaha ho




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