Prince batra,The Ace of marketing Industry

Prince Batra, a 21 years old young boy from Delhi is proving his worth to the world, not only in the field of studies, but also in the field of social media and digital marketing. He was always a bright student with big dreams since childhood. He is basically a Civil engineer, a bright student graduated with first division in engineering. Apart from studies, he keeps on participating in other extra curricular activities and try to outshine his talent as a digital marketer and social media mandler whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. During his graduation only, he worked as a volunteer for Google as a social media influencer.
Being a bright student as well as a great digital marketer, he always try to aim high and accomlish his goals effortlessly. In the field of social media, he has 2m+ followers Instagram base and also, he has handled upto 10m+ base in the past, which shows his talent as a social media handler very well. As a digital marketer and influencer, he currently works as a social media influencer for big brands named ampme, tiktok, vigo, etc, which shows, whether it is about studies or digital marketing, whatever he decides to do, he does it effortlessly and smartly.
Professionally an engineering graduate, he aims to work in Government sector as an engineer. As his works already show that, his principle of living is, “Whatever you aim for or decide to do in life, do it effortlessly and smartly, else, completely leave it, that’s it!”.
Written by – @theunderratedhuman
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