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New Driving Licence Rules Applicable in India

The new driving licence rules laid by the Union Ministry of Road Transport are good news for all new applicants. Under these new guidelines, you can get a driving licence without appearing for any driving test at the Regional Transport Office (RTO).Β 

However, you must get training and pass a test from a government-accredited driving training center. These new rules are effective from July 2021 with a new fee structure, variations, and details.

What Are the New Driving Licence Rules in India?

The driving license online apply new rules focused on improving the driving training process and making driving training tests more precise. The nitty-gritty of this training will give industry-specific specialized training to be ethical, courteous, and well-skilled to avoid road accidents.

Now getting a licence won’t depend on undergoing and passing the test at RTO but rather on passing the driving test at the institute after thorough and systematic training.

After every five years, the institute has to renew its accreditation. To strengthen the training process, the driving institute will get affiliation or accreditation after scrutinizing the following points by the government transport authority –

  • The minimum space should be one acre of land for two and three-wheeler training centers. For heavy vehicle training, space should have two acres of land.Β 
  • Should have a stimulator and test track.
  • The trainer should have passed higher secondary and have at least five years of driving experience.
  • The center should be equipped with information technology and a biometric system.
  • Should conduct high-quality driving track tests according to the curriculum prescribed by the transport authority.
  • Training for light vehicles will be of 29 hours and must be completed within four weeks of starting. It will be subdivided into the theory and practical curriculum. 8 hours for theory and 21 hours for practical driving learning.
  • For medium and heavy motor vehicles, the training duration will be 38 hours and must be completed within 6 weeks of starting. 8 hours for theory and 31 hours for practical classes.

What Are the New Rules to Apply for a Driving Licence?

The RTO new rule for driving licence application is very simple to apply through the online process:

  1. Visit the portal of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.
  2. Select the state where you reside and the type of driving licence you want to apply for.
  3. Fill in the application form, upload all required documents, and pay the fees.
  4. Verify your payment status and click on β€œSubmit”.

You will receive the driving licence at your residence through the post.

For offline application, you have to visit the nearby RTO office and collect the form. Submit the filled up forms, documents and fees.

What Are the Documents Required as per New RTO Rules for DL?

Documents to submit with an application under new licence rules are as follows –

  • Age Proof – May submit an educational certificate, birth certificate, passport, pan card, or employer certificate
  • Address Proof – May submit ration card, passport, aadhar card, rent agreement, utility bill, or Life Insurance policy certificate
  • Passport-size photo
  • Application Form no. 4
  • Form no. 1 and 1A as a medical certificate

Violations and punishments

The law permits officials to seize a licence, and issue a temporary one for a specified time. The law also allows the state government to set fines or prison terms for minor traffic violations, and specifies who has the rights to enforce these rules.


Every driving licence has a maximum number of endorsements allowed. If the driver does not follow the traffic rules or causes any fault, then a penalty fine is issued and an endorsement put on the licence. An excessive number of endorsements may lead to cancellation.


India uses a cumulative points systems for offenders, which is broadly similar, but different in detail, to those in different countries.


Points are given for driving offenses by law courts, and the licence is endorsed accordingly. An Indian driving licence may be endorsed by the courts for various offences, not only for those committed whilst driving or in charge of a vehicle.


Β If the individual committing the offence does not hold a valid driving licence the driver may be subject to imprisonment of up to 3 months.


Violation of traffic signals, triple driving on a motorcycle/scooter/two-wheeler, and using vehicles without registration or in unsafe condition may acquire 3 negative points in each case.

In the case of two-wheelers, helmet laws are mandatory for both the main rider and the pillion rider. Offences such as for drunk or drugged driving are recorded on the licence; and the offender is prosecuted and liable to being imprisoned.


Twelve points on the licence makes the driver liable to cancellation/suspension of the driving licence online for one year; accumulation of twelve points for the second consecutive time would lead to suspension of the driving licence for five years



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