Most used method to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive

Migration from one platform to other takes place due to the requirement for more technical advancement. But, if we look at OneDrive and Google Drive, both are similar products that offer users storage to save their data. Despite this, many users look to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, but they have their own reasons to support the migration. To make migration there are several options available that user can explore and utilize then to migrate their data from OneDrive to Google Drive.

In this blog, we have shared some of the tricks/techniques to move the OneDrive data into Google Drive account.

How to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive?

Although there are numerous methods to migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, we will list out some of the most recommended solutions.

Shoviv OneDrive Migration Tool

This solution tops in our list of solutions to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive because this software has got advanced set of functionalities and comes with an intuitive GUI. This software works on job-based processes means that users can create multiple migration jobs at the same time. This migration utility is also useful in making the OneDrive to OneDrive migration. Users will get the same features as they will get in OneDrive to G Drive migration. To see more features of this software, scroll down below:-

  • It also makes it feasible to schedule the migration jobs at various times, like, daily, weekly, and even monthly. Users can select any time frame and the software automatically creates a migration job at that time frame.
  • To make the migration more precise, the software offers a filter option that is based on file size, extension, type, etc.
  • This software also eliminates the requirement to restart the migration because it has an incremental export facility, which enables the software only to process the remaining items.
  • It makes no restriction on adding the large-sized file.

After completing the migration, the software will provide an option to download and save the process report, which includes the complete details like the total item count, filtered items, etc.

Downloading and Uploading Method

It is also the most often OneDrive to Google Drive migration approach. However, this approach requires users to open their OneDrive account and download the required data. If users have a large amount of data, then it becomes difficult to download them all. Later, users need to upload them back to their Google Drive account manually. So, all in all, this process is quite tedious and also consumes more time.


There are scenarios when users must migrate their data from one cloud drive to another. Here, we have learned the different techniques through which users can migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, which consists of the third-party tool as well as the manual migration methodologies. However, it is best for the users to focus on the software discussed here because of the multiple capabilities. Rest its up to the users which we have to go for making the migration.


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