Mine Google SERP data easily by All-SERP!

What is data mining!?

Data miners use search engines like Google to extract and mine data from them. They use this data in their applications, websites and software.

They extract data from search engine results pages (SERP). This is known as SERP scraping or web scraping. You can scrape web pages manually or automatically. The first one is time consuming and the user gets blocked after a few searches while the latter saves time and has no limitation and restriction. The second way is performed by SERP APIs or SERP scrapers designed exclusively for SERP and web scraping.

What is SERP API?

SERP API or SERP scraper is an automatic tool through which the user can scrape web pages in real time. Any kind of data that the user wants like images or videos can be extracted from Google and other search engines in minutes.

When you want to choose a SERP API, pay attention to the bellow facts:

  • The speed of the chosen SERP API is important. The higher the speed is, the easier the SERP scraping process will be.
  • Select a SERP scraper that guarantees the accuracy, reality and freshness of provided data.
  • The selected SERP API must be able to solve all types of Captchas and handle proxies.
  • The best SERP API which not only has the mentioned features but also has many other interesting characteristics is All-SERP in my view. It is over one year that I am using All-SERP SERP scrapers and every time I enjoy using this high speed gadget making my job easier and more structured.


Clean and structured data is given by All-SERP SERP API. What surprised me in All-SERP is that beside the high data accuracy rate, it provides data fast and it is almost the fastest SERP API that I have been working with since 3 years ago.  It saves time and energy and I use my time for many other more important tasks.

Another important point is that it provides accurate and reliable information that is real and fresh. I am sure that it gives me the latest updated data with no latency.

All-SERP SERP API solves any kind of Captcha and handles proxies. It mimics what a real human being do while searching to provide accurate and real data. It has no pause and it is error free. It gives you both organic and paid results. JSON, CSV or HTML outputs are ready by All-SERP SERP API.

Google is the most important search engine supported by All-SERP. It has various Google tools like Google shopping search API, Google event search API, Google local search API, Google knowledge graph search API, Google ads search API, Google maps search APIs, Google image search API, Google SERP position API, Google video search API and so on.

In addition to Google, All-SERP supports other famous search engines like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ask too. All types of data can be extracted from theses search engines in minutes and in real time.



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