Mehdi Nt , A Young Music Genius In Iran

Mehdi Nt is an independent artist born in Urmia, Iran. Mehdi’s style was Rap and he started producing his own music in 2014. A year later, his first official instrumental music was released from a reputable label, and in 2017, with ‘Cerests’ was the beginning of attracting listeners to his style of music. Later this year, Mehdi decided to sing on his own songs, which did not have a bad start. He creates a real and fantasy story behind each pieces and tries to present the audience as a film. He is a psychic boy anyway…

Mehdi Nt (born May 28, 1998, Urmia, Iran) is a singer, songwriter, musician, film composer and actor.
Mehdi Nt Full Name ( Mir Mehdi Ahmadi Rad ).His nickname in cyberspace is “Tikasbi” and he is known as the creator of visual music. Music that plays with the human mind and has hidden messages.

Career :

Mehdi started his career at a young age and with the establishment of tikweb company in 2018, he officially entered the field of music and production.
His nickname in cyberspace is “Tikasbi” and he is known as the creator of visual music. Music that plays with the human mind and has hidden messages.
Most of his work in music and playing has been in continuous collaboration with his friend Reza. These collaborations have been released in the form of several albums and singles.
His best album according to his fans, which happened to be in collaboration with Reza Entezar, is called “Boghz Sard” and.

Mehdi Nt mostly produces music in the field of instrumental with hip hop and rap genres and has several examples of singing in his multi-year resume.
If we want to name some of his most seen tracks, we can refer to singles such as: Boghz Sard (2021), Kam Avorrdi (2022) named.

Personal life :

his personal life, he has always tried to create the bests in the field of music and compos. Most of his work is non-verbal, but sometimes he also works in the field of singing. Most of his free time is spent practicing and thinking about the future and reading books because he believes that books are something that can take a person to anything in the world if used in the right way.


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