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Journey Of Joyous Jaya Rauniyar


Joyous Jaya Rauniyar is a spiritual , optimistic girl from Kathmandu, Nepal who put down her emotions ,thoughts and experiences by landing it on the paper through inking and considering where you are reading this makes a meaningful sense.

Talking about her educational qualifications, she did her SEE from Golden Future Higher Sec.School, Birgunj & +2 from SMC , kathmandu, further more to continue in her favorite field.

Being Bookworm, soon she got to be introduced as co-author in 70+ anthologies like Ujale Ki Orr , Self happiness, Sarang , Scream , Little World etc. She is already author of book “ REALITY OF LIFE OTHER THAN ILLUSION “ & “FOUR WHEELS ERA” which you can get in Google books ,amazon & kindle & other sites as well. She is published writer of YourQuote app too with her book “Joyous Jaya Meraki”. Similarly, Brand Ambassador of book ‘meaning of life’, ‘ Ring the blues’ and more to continue. She is also compiler of some anthologies like “MANN KI AAWAZ”, “DEAR PARENTS”, “मैं कौन हूं?”, “Depression, not a joke”, “jajbat-ye-kitab” etc.
She want so much more to express.
She is also ex. RJ of Radio Meri aawaj, Manuscript designer, Promotinal Manager of Jec Publication, NLHFian Technical Head of UmeeCorn Gems,Brand Ambassador of Kavyansh writing community & so on. You can listen her podcasts too in different platforms.

She is BEST EMERGING AUTHOR 2021by Attainers Award.

She always adds that what she is today is all because books she read else she would just be bound with norms & what other would say.
Some of her life changing book are which she read are ” Attitude is Everything” & ‘संत दर्शन”. Some other books infact each of them which she read makes some amount of impact & change in her life and that shaped her who she is today and is still shaping her who she is becoming.

The inspiration of her writing are well wishers & specially her experiences to which she want to give voice as she believes that everything around holds a concept to be written , just being conscious about it, is required.As she is extremely introvert,she always puts her feelings in the form of words.

She is recently working in two of her book, story book & novel.

Writing is her love which can never fade away.
“चलो, मन के जज़्बातो को कोरे कागज़ पे उतारे|”

You can connect with her for more writing or social cause on :
Jaya_Uncaptured @Nojoto app

@YourQuote app

Jaya_uncaptured @Instagram

OR just search on google “ Joyous Jaya Rauniyar “


You can connect with her for more writing or social cause on :

Jaya_uncaptured @Instagram


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