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Is There a Risk of Developing Diabetes Due to COVID-19 Infection?

After the virus outbreak, multiple studies covered various angles of the disease and its effects on lives, businesses, health, and more. Research is an ongoing process that helps unfold facts or truths that may have remained elusive to human understanding. One such study has shown the link of the COVID virus with diabetes risk. Experts believe it must have added 3-5% additional cases. They have also revealed men could be more susceptible than women, especially those with severe infections. According to popular opinions, it concerns the post-acute phase’s regulation of blood glucose.

Although the pandemic is not an emergency after May 11, people still need to protect themselves. If you experience symptoms, you must test yourself with a SARS-CoV-2 kit.

The cause of incident diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic health disorder that disrupts the body’s conversion of food into energy. A Canadian study demonstrates that the risk of type 2 diabetes increases by three times within one year of COVID infection in people. Interestingly, the risk of incident diabetes was lower in women, as hinted earlier. Men with minor ailments are also more vulnerable than those without conditions. Severe illness cases looked more vulnerable. ICU patients were at risk triple times more, and hospitalized patients were two times more susceptible. British Columbia University’s professor commented that this is problematic because an infected person would think he will be fine after 7-8 days. However, the development of diabetes has a lingering and lifelong impact.

The survey included 629,935 people’s health data belonging to 2020 to 2021. 20% of them had COVID, and a larger population was unvaccinated because vaccines were less accessible during that phase. The reasoning behind the link between COVID and diabetes is the stress caused on the pancreas during infection. Pancreas maintains blood sugar levels in the body by producing adequate insulin. Due to this, the prediabetic stage follows into diabetes, as per Ohio’s reputable university professor.

The widespread reason behind diabetes in Americans

One of the 2018 studies indicates that almost 7 in 10 new type 2 diabetes patients had poor diets. The findings re-established that diet increases the risk of this chronic disease. Earlier, it was unclear which food was responsible. However, a comparative analysis conducted by researchers on 11 dietary sources revealed that overconsumption of sugary drinks, fruit juices, potatoes, refined wheat, refined rice, and others increased the risk. Also, inadequate use of seeds, nuts, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, yogurt, and non-starchy veggies aggravated the risk factors.

In 2018, nearly 73% of type 2 diabetes patients suffered the chronic condition due to diet problems. In concrete terms, 2800 people out of every one million had this issue. The main dietary components behind this were the excessive use of processed meats, sugary drinks, and unprocessed red meats. At the same time, they ate less whole grains.

No matter the risk, take care of your well-being. Exercising and proper eating habits can prevent significant health challenges. Even if you develop the disease, you can control its progression.




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