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Is It True That Spoologic’s Drop In Turbos Claim to Be Energy Efficient?

The diesel truck industry has two types. Workmen use trucks for hauling equipment and livestock, and street people use trucks to make money. Upgrade options are available for both work and performance. The work stock market is gradually shifting towards drop-in upgrades.

This is the purpose of this industry after all. I have once heard that there are far more trucks than hot-rods that pass by your house while they are working. Would you mind sharing your thoughts? Ultimately, Spoologic Turbo Systems has an array of turbocharger options for these hard working turbos.

The upgrades so far are evident from a looks perspective.

It is the most popular Cummins-powered trucks in this sector that the company aims to test since they supply turbos to a range of vehicles. Since a new, upgraded turbocharger was necessary, we chose a Dodge Ram that’s been around since 2006 and that we’ve been working on and tweaking for more than a decade.

Tuning is done through EFILive, using Edge Products CTS3 monitor and an upgraded air intake system. There is solely one use for this truck: towing boats and full-size campers. The trailer is sometimes driven daily, but more often it is hooked to a camper or a boat. Having said that, the truck is capable of performing these tasks even without upgrades, but more available horsepower and torque would make the job easier. Here we go.

How do we use these parts?

The upgrades already installed make a truck like this feel like it has been there for a long time. That means any additional power from the Spoologic Stage II turbocharger is visible. This turbocharger will increase horsepower and torque, lower exhaust gas temperatures, and cause a spool-up time reduction for SPOOLOGIC Turbo Cummins engines. The Cummins power plant comes with two turbochargers.

My immediate reaction when I opened the package was one of awe. My tests are completely unbiased and I am surprised at the quality of this product. Our Stage II turbocharger box was thoroughly painted red and had high quality hardware. After pulling the turbo from the box, my attention was drawn to the 48-hour warranty on the label. In case you send your product for repair, the product will be fixed within 48 hours. Once you’re serving, you’re in service.

You can easily locate the balanced 63-MM compressor wheel tucked away behind the very racy front cover, just waiting to generate 45 PSI of boost when it’s time for the cover to be removed. The factory exhaust manifold was poorly constructed before installation, as I noticed when I glanced at the engine bay. The Spoologic exhaust manifold came ceramic-coated and high-flowing.

It was here that I was really captivated. Installing exhaust manifolds is the most arduous task due to the gaskets. To move the manifold into position, you need to line up the gasket holes with the bolt holes.

Turbine Technology from Cummins

Cummins Turbo Technologies (CTT)’s HE600 Holset Turbocharger offers customers an industry-leading product with an all-new compressor and turbine housing.

Adding to the HE600 platform, CTT has revamped it to increase performance and durability, strengthening its product portfolio. Our product is more robust and efficient, as a result of combining years of engineering experience in turbine wheel and impeller design.

The new impeller design and compressor housing we developed have been engineered using advanced aerodynamic techniques, resulting in up to 5% improvement in efficiency across the flow range of our key customer applications. Cummins Turbo Technologies has developed and developed a new turbine stage that uses analysis tools to improve performance and fatigue life, as well as optimize thermal stress,” said Charles King-Cox, Director of Compressor and Turbine Stage.

Customers have described the upgraded HE600’s performance results as “class leading” both for highway and off-highway applications.

In HE800 series turbochargers, the range of flow has been increased to overlap with that of the HE800 series. For your convenience, the HE600 has a wider map, enhanced performance, and a more durable design to help customers meet downsizing requirements to reduce costs.



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