How To Make Elder Sister’s Birthday Special?

Whether you have an elder sister in your life, then you have blessing and damnation both. I will explain both of these things, whether you have blessings in this way. That you got someone in your life, who takes care of you in the absence of your parents. Whether who loves you more, or whether not like it in that way. Whether your parents but as we all know, that everybody loved can’t be the same. But your elder sister tries to make sure that you don’t have any type of discomfort or problem.  So this is the blessing side of your elder sister. Now I will tell you about the damnation side of your sister. Whether your sister takes care of you as your parents like, then as your parents give you the punishment. So your sister gives you punishment as well or becomes angry with you when you make a mistake. No matter how your sister is but she is your elder sister. Whether she has her birthday, so making special for her this is your duty.

Hugging teddy 

Whether your sister loved the teddy, so what you can do is that. You can give a big teddy to your elder sister on her birthday. But this teddy is different from other teddys, this teddy gives hugs to your sister. Whether you can buy the teddy from where, who sends the best rakhi gift.  Whether a teddy hugs your sister if you want to know about this. Then I will explain this to you. Whether what is going to happen, that a person is inside the teddy bear. If you want then you can be that person as well, who is inside the teddy.  So you can walk toward your sister and can give a hug to your elder sister as well. Whether this thing makes your sister very happy, if she becomes happy then her birthday becomes special for her. Despite all the efforts which you made for her, that effort gets a prize. Whether this thing you can do for your sister. 

Private concert 

Whether you can organize a private concert for your elder sister on her birthday. Whether you can organize this private concert, whether in many ways as well. Whether in the concert the song, which is playing all that song is your elder sister’s favorite. Whether you get an artist, which can write a song for your elder sister as well. Then the concert plan of yours, get a very good number from your elder sister. Because your sister loves the song, which is made by that artist. Whether everyone loves it when someone plans a private concert for themselves. Whether the private concert is a thing, which requires a very big amount of money. So your sister sees how much money and effort you made for making her birthday special. So do this thing for your sister. 

Dessert truck 

Whether your sister loves the dessert very much, but she may not even dessert every day. Whether you may not give a dessert to your sister every day. So what you can do, you can order a dessert truck for this day. Whether you get this online gift delivery at your sister’s house. Whether when your sister sees a truck in front of her which is filled with dessert. Whether you can have all your sister’s favorite dessert, whether in the truck. If you want then you can decorate that truck as well.  So this thing you can do with your sister as well for her birthday. 

Giant gift box 

Whether you want to see a very big smile and a lot of laughs on our sister’s face. Then you know what you can do for your sister. Whether you can give her a giant gift box. Whether you can decide what you want to give to your sister in that giant gift box. Whether a lot of small gifts in it, or whether you want to present yourself as a gift to your sister. So whatever you want, you can have it in that giant gift box. So this thing you can also do for your sister as well, whether on her birthday. 

So there are many things that you can do for your elder sister. Whether by giving some gifts to your elder sister or doing something special for her. Sometimes things, which you do for your elder sister on her birthday. Whether that thing is very big, then the gift as well which you give to her. So you think, what are the activities which you want to do for your elder sister on her birthday.


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